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OK, so if you have happened to somehow  miss the whole “selfie” movement that’s been happening the past few years, please allow me to bring you into the loop. A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. But that is so last year. The brand new, cutting-edge cool in selfies is the “Shapie”, a 3-D Selfie! Think, you reincarnate….well, sort of.

This concept extends the selfie idea to 3D. Using the self-portrait feature concept, a special software and printer can generate a 3D printable of yourself in minutes. Here’s an example of a 3D self-portrait.


Can you say, Crazy Cool!!!

A Shapie Booth is a fantastic, fresh idea for your next event! Wanna create some wild buzz, or  ensure your party is THE Talk of the Town for the rest of the year….and beyond? This is one way that WILL do it – guaranteed!

Your guests can 3-D print themselves dressed up in their favorite duds or a fun costume. Everyone will be blown away by Shapies. And this could be THE BEST event takeaway  – ever! I mean, who is going to throw away their own little mini-me. These babies will be displayed on shelves and mantles…. as if they’re a golden Oscar. So how do you get a Shapie?

Recently Updated67

Well, one of the tops options is the brand new technology available in the Artec Shapify Booth. This is a 3-D body scanning and automated selfie making machine.

Basically, a seriously high-tech and cutting-edge photo booth.

Here’s how it works: Step into the booth to be scanned  – it takes about 12 seconds. That’s it.  Approximately 5 minutes later, a detailed 3D model prints out automatically.

Your guests can return at a designated time (or a later date, just to be safe) to collect their printed shapie, or  this can be a great fun (not to mention well received) way follow-up after your event.

Provide Shapies as a complimentary gift to your guests, or make them available at a set price to help you raise additional funds for a charity gala.

So, tell me…Love it or leave it?

P.S. If you think this is cool, please consider sharing the post with your friends and tell that Tanja & Co. keeps you in the loop on all things cool and current in events! We would be most appreciative for your support. Oh, and by the way, if we can help you design a successful, fresh and unforgettable event to celebrate a milestone or enhance your company or organization, pop over to our “connect” page or give us a ring at 800.544.1572 to explore how we can help you!


Signature Tanja & Co. Events

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A Cinderella Story posted in: Inspiration, Weddings

The story of Cinderella continues to influence pop culture of all ages.  And this classic tale is the muse for today’s wedding design inspiration. Cinderella is a tale of unparalleled beauty and goodness that cannot be hidden.  The love story of Cinderella is one of kindness, graceful love and magic!

The color story of navy, sky blue + cornflower + and platinum, invokes, peace, faith, loyalty and love.

cinderella wedding color storyIn this color story the blending of blues creating a beautiful aesthetic and calming effect, while the platinum show strength and the addition of sparkle makes the setting sparkle like a rare diamond

The darker navy tone set a foundation that represents loyalty, integrity and trust. While cornflower is a hue that is fairly universally appealing to the eye, it also used in symbolism blue to describe something of high quality, think of a blue ribbon prize.  Sky blue symbolizes understanding and softness; a refinement along with grace, something truly sincere (like the seemingly effortless and pure connection between Cinderella and Prince Charming). Calming, excellence, loyalty, trust, sincerity – all desirable attributes of your one true love.

(And ladies, studies have shown that blue is a color that is liked and highly accepted among males (good to know if you have a groom who is quite involved and opinionated when it comes to the wedding plans).

Platinum is revered for its endurance. The beautiful silvery-white hue represents determination, grit, and seeing manifestations through to fulfillment. In our color story, platinum symbolizes both Prince Charming’s determination to find his mysterious love and Cinderella’s bravery to stand strong and walk boldly into her destiny.

A Cinderella Story Wedding Inspiration

The setting for this affair is regal, reflecting classic elegance, with a calming charm. A castle, storied mansion or even a luxury space in the Plaza for the modern girl would make for the ideal venue. On the interior, picture stately floor-standing candlesticks marking every row along the ceremony aisle, and fluffy white clouds of fresh blooms almost floating atop silver candelabra gracing reception tables. Place settings of beautiful china and crystal stemware glow in the soft candlelight all perfectly accented with scroll-style menus. The entire scene is washed in the softest blue lighting touched with a sweet kiss of pink for romance.

Aaahhh, if only we could say, “bibbity-bobbity-boo”, and the beautiful scene would magically appear.

A-musingly yours,

Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven



{Credits: Wedding Gown –Alfred Angelo; Shoes, Papery – whimsique}


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The “Man”gagement Ring posted in: Trends, Weddings

When you see a man wearing a ring on his left hand, most would assume he’s married, but he may not have made his way to the altar yet – he may be rockin’ a mangagement ring!

You read correctly, a “man-gagement ring.” Yes, it’s an engagement ring for gents!

Danhov Mangagement RingMany women dream of the day when her true love will present her with an engagement ring on bended knee. But what about the guy? What symbol of commitment does he receive to show the world his heart belongs to another? Enter the mangagement ring.

While this concept has long been recognized in a lot of countries around the world, such Argentina and Brazil, this notion may be new to many as it has not been our tradition here in the States. Amada Gizzi, spokesperson for the Jewelry Information Center, says the idea is starting to take off in America “, and a recent survey found that 5 percent of men are now wearing engagement rings. And you may recognize a few gents who’ve worn these rings. Singer Michael Buble (pictured) sported one when he became engaged to Luisana Lopilato, and Jennifer Hudson presented an engagement ring to her then fiancé, David Ortega before they were married. m. buble mangagement ring rz635x550

Mangagement rings are also perfect for the bold woman who turns the table in the relationship and pops the question to her guy, now she can present a ring to complete the proposal.

Jewelry industry insiders report that they’re starting to see a lot more female clients doing the proposing! (Of course in these cases the gentleman who says “yes” does reciprocate with
a presentation of a diamond stunner to his fiancée). “The idea that the man will also wear an engagement ring symbolizes to many a new sense of equality in the relationship. It is an outward aknowledgement of commitment, from both the man and the woman.”


What do you think – will this become the way of the future or is it just another fad?



Tanja & Co. Events & Etiquette





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  • Leonore: Good information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance (stumbleupon). I've saved as a favorite for later!
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Wedding Wednesday Inspiration: Lemon Zest Elegance posted in: Decorating Ideas, Inspiration, Weddings

The clear bright day and the warmth I actually FELT from the sun was my muse for today’s inspiration. Feeling the sun on my shoulders was a much needed hug from Mother Nature  that has me bright-eyed….and longing for more warm and sunny days.

The color story: primary shade: lemon zest, secondary hue: chambray, accents tones: white and gray.

I imagine a gorgeous sunny summer day on the grounds of a private estate. A simple ceremony in the courtyard – Guests are greeted by the sounds of the harp and the scent of fresh citrus rising from the lemon slice accents in the flowing arrangements of crayon yellow blooms lining the aisle. The wedding party dons the color of sunshine and it looks more elegant than ever.

Lemon Zest. Mansion Wedding


After the bride and groom say “I do”, guests make their way through the garden to the veranda for cocktails and light fare to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Ladies enjoy sparkling summer cocktail while catching up with dear friends and taking pictures by the fountain, while the gents answer to the playful call of the  patterned pillow collections (another big trend. see more here) atop the white leather sofas to “sit back and relax” with your buddies.    As the sun sets, guests are led down the grand halls of the estate house by roving electric violists to the dinner reception ballroom. You can hear the “Ooohs” and “this is exquisite”  softly whispered as guests are seated at tables topped white fellow and white silk shantung linen set-off by classic china and fine crystal stemware. After the bridal couple has been introduced and the final course served, the lights dim and a beautiful design illuminates the dance floor as the band turns up the energy in their sound. Guests take to the floor and the merriment continues til after the clock strikes midnight. It was a beautiful day for a wedding indeed.

Would you consider this sunny shade for your wedding?



Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven

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Rose Gold Romance posted in: Inspiration, Trends, Weddings

All that glitters is rose gold in 2014 – and I LOVE it!

This color says to me, sophisticated, romantic, and it inspired this design board – modern-day classic romance.

Rose Gold Romance

Rose Gold Romance


In addition to weddings, this haute hue is also beautiful color choice for a bridal tea or even a social luncheon. So now to you, would you consider rose gold for your wedding or event? Tell me by leaving a comment below.


Wishing you an inspired day!


Tanja & Co. Events & Etiquette

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  • Edwin: i love the rose gold theme any tips on how to plan a rose gold Bday surprise
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2014 Wedding Trends: What’s New and Now in Nuptials! posted in: Trends, Weddings

Planning your wedding is not easy.  It is an important day that requires focus and attention to detail while planning to ensure that everything is going to be as you wish. There are many things that you need for the day, such as wedding invitations, cake, dress, bridal shoes, wedding hairstyle, and décor to name a few. Do you know the 2014 wedding trends to consider as you plan? Well, I’ve spent the past several weeks reviewing industry information, travelling about to personally see and experience the latest and greatest, and I’m sharing it all with you. I will go more in depth with some of the trends in future posts, but I’ll begin now with a rundown of the tops trends in all things weddings for 2014!

2014 Wedding Trends Collage

Color Me Happy
The 2014 palette is gorgeous! Many color options are available to suit a number of style preferences.

2014 wedding color palette

Among the hot hues: Blush (which is my personal pick for THE top color of the year), mint and coral are continuing to grow in popularity, and cerulean and dusty blue have made the top 10, and I am obsessed with the return of grayed jade. While 2013 was the year to return to gold (and it’s also still popular) all that glitters in 2014 is rose gold – expect to see it in everything from accessories to tabletop – to florals!

And of course Orchid, the Color of the Year for 2014 will be hot in weddings and all fashions. As for Radiant Orchid, while I’m not a raving fan, paired with platinum or mixed with other shades in the purple family in ombre fashion, I’ll work it.

Pattern Play
Patterns are making a big in everything from attire fabrics to lounge pillow, vases to of course simply stunning table linen. While we have seem pattern infusion emerge in the past couple with chevron making big waves. This year, thrown out the hard-edge look. The current style is softer trellis and floral motifs, tonal geometrics and stripes.

Personally Speaking:
We’ll continue to see steady increase in couples having weddings that celebrate either their own heritage or infuse elements from places that are special to them, and share fun or quirky interests or hobbies. Adding personal touches to your wedding makes your wedding “you”nique and allows you to share a little more of couple personality with your guests.

Dramatic Décor

Dramatic Decor
Ushers in a rekindles love for the formality of days gone by. Crystal is having a huge moment! Chandeliers suspended from everywhere and crystal candlesticks tucked in all around. Metallic-rimmed china and ornate pieces at the reception with dining service being offered by white-gloved staff whilst the sounds of big band….maybe mixed with a modern twist fills the air. Lounges continue to be popular and provide a great place to add character to your event. New for 20124, lounges for the bridal couple (among other listed trends, more on this one to come – so stay tuned!)

The top overall looks are rustic gone glam, romanticized classics and the industrial style continues to emerge. A good designer will be able to assess your true style and personality, pair it with your dream wedding day vision to create a gorgeous bespoke ambiance reflective of your style.

Flavor profiles get elevated, global flavors will influence menu design – expect to see Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods influenced menus. Clients will continue to prefer to pay more for quality foods, local foods because you care where your food comes from.

Made-to-order food stations, including one that let guests customize their own drinks including champagne cocktails (Yes!!), cheese and charcuterie buffet where guests top their selections with unique spices or flavored olive oils and vinegars. And it’s tough to get tired of favorite childhood treats, but they becomes even more appealing when given unexpected updates. Think mojito-flavored lollipops, homemade Pop-Tarts, freshly spun cotton candy of single-malt whiskey or salted caramel. Take us back to childhood favorite sweets, please.

Sweet Sensations

2014 Wedding Cake Trends
In wedding cakes, we’re seeing a return to the round and taller cakes with the designs now having a variation in the height of the layers. Metallic will be a popular finish and we’ll continue to see intricate designs of ruffles, lace and fondant ribbons. Right now flavor is being driven by the seasons with couples looking to showcase what’s fresh and organic.

And speaking of sweet sensations, did you seen the gravity-defying showstopper chandelier wedding cake that rang in 2014 weddings? Check out our post to get the skinny!

Laser-cut designs are taking wedding invitations by storm as this style offers the intricate detail that brides are looking for. Also, a more focused use of typography is becoming increasingly important. As for styles and themes, wood grain is gaining momentum as a unique look for a natural element – some invitations are even being etched directly into pieces of wood for the truly natural vibe. The combining of a garden theme and wood grain that radiates the vintage charm is getting a lot of notice, we’re still seeing art deco-inspired customization and lace continues to be popular.

Seating Software
While the concept of seating guests based on their social connection is not anything new, 2014 will be the year where more event professionals will be called on to assist with planning well thought out seating arrangements for their clients. I read this somewhere and love it – leaving seating to chance is so 1999. The hope is that awkward seating moments will be a thing of the past.

Picture Perfect

InstaCam Photobooth Experience
The InstaCam photo booth is where it’s at to capture event memories (just call us if you would like to have this for your wedding. We’ll hook you up!). This unique experience provides the traditional photobooth experience or a print that looks exactly like an Instagram post that can be customized, with the ability to take photos and print from any smart phone in the room! Guests can take pictures directly at the photobooth or following a few simple steps, they can take a photo with Instagram right from their smart phone, use a custom hashtag when posting your picture to Instagram and their photos instantly prints at the Instagram Kiosk!

Attire & Accessories
Three big trends in designer wedding dresses: Cap Sleeves, Coverlets and Convertible. Cap sleeves made a big appearance on the bridal fashion runways this season as seen in collections such as Maggie Sottero, Monique Lhuillier and Temperley London. Coverage with serious style hit the runways this season. Everything from boleros to full sheer jackets rocked the runways of Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, and Reem Acra, and trust us – these are not your grandma’s cover-ups! A few more trends to get used to seeing are the hi-lo hem, convertible 2 in 1 wedding dresses, and hang on to your garter….bridal pantsuits (yes, you read right) were seen on the runway.

You’ve Got the Look.
The 2014 bridal look will predominately reflect an effortlessly chic vibe, effervescent beauty. The focus being enhancing a bride’s best features so she looks and feels like the most gorgeous version of herself when she walks down the aisle. The makeup trends popular in fashion that are also expected to become popular in bridal looks this year is the cat-eye, the gilded lid, white eyeshadow and liner, and statement lips in notice-me berry and baby-pink shades.


So there you have it, a rundown of the top wedding trends for the year! It’s a lot of information I know, and no doubt some of the trends having you thinking, “What?”, “Cool!, but where or how?”. But not to worry, as I said at the start, I have lots of intel and will share more in depth detail on some of these trends in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

So now tell me, what trends are you loving? Learn anything surprising?

Any that you say, “no way” to? Share in a comment below!



Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven

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This One Takes the Cake! posted in: Events, Food and Beverage, Inspiration, Weddings

Have you seen this confectionery masterpiece? It is quite the showstopper!

This masterpiece is actress Kaley Cuoco’s upside down wedding cake that she and her new hubby, Ryan Sweeting served at their recent wedding reception. The sparkling sugar showpiece was created by Kimberly Bailey of the Butter End Cakery and was installed installed with the help of production pros at RrivreWorks. In a word – STUNNING!!!

Chandelier Upside Down Wedding Cake

But this gravity-defying dessert  wasn’t simply some gorgeous to look at it – it was literally good enough to eat! The rhinestone adorned cake which boasted a grand 27-inch bottom layer (or top depending on which end you consider is up) consisted of two-flavors —almond with toasted almond cream cheese buttercream frosting and chocolate almond cherry with cherry cream cheese buttercream frosting—sounds as good as it looks!

As you can imagine, the display for this creation required a little…OK, a lot more than a pretty cake stand. Pulling off this presentation required a few trips to Home Depot, custom rigging, several sandbags and a lot of creativity and can-do determination! A gorgeous example of the benefits of having pros at the helm of your event!

We think this daring display takes the cake! What do you think? Love it or leave it? Share your thoughts below in a comment.


Signature Tanja & Co. Events

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Wedding Inspiration: Radiant Orchid posted in: Decorating Ideas, Events, Trends, Weddings

If you’re tempted by purple  – with Radiant Orchid (check out full color review here: Official Color of 2014) being all the current color rage, but “go bold or go home” is not your style, not to worry all is not lost. You can use bold tones in your color story without having it overpower you and everyone else in the room. The trick is in “how” and “how much” the hue is used in your design.

Consider pairing radiant orchid with lighter and more subtle tones from a close color family, such as a soft ballerina pink and blend with an ombre effect to achieve a softer and inviting feel.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration

Here’s how:

To achieve the overall desired look, use neutrals or again the softest whisper of pink as your base (this will be the most prominent color in your palette) and accent with radiant orchid blending with mid-tones to soften the transition between colors.

*Ambiance: A soft wash of color with special lighting will do wonders! Seriously – it’s totally worth the investment. Plus, pink/ soft purple hues of lighting are lovely and universally flattering.

*Decor: Create focal areas with colorful decor (such as oversize round balloons), using varying shades to achieve a “quieter” so to speak effect. Colorful stemware or glassware is also another way to incorporate an elegant infusion of color.

*Flowers to carry: Here again it’s all about the mix. A long, flowing ombre effect for the bride’s bouquet would be gorgeous and would have an overall softer effect on the eye so as not to overshadow, but rather complement the bride’s beauty. Attendants’  bouquets could have more of a blended look (smaller bouquet pictured above).

*Centerpieces and floral decor: Lush runners created of varying shades of fresh purple and soft pink blooms flowing along the center of long dining tables accented by soft candlelight would be quite stunning.

*To wear: Pinks and purples are beautiful in makeup. You could wear a bold lip, colorful shoes and jewelry. Selecting a max of three areas to infuse this color so as not to have too many areas competing for the eye’s attention.

*Favors: You can also have fun with color in guest gifts or favors. A personalized bottle of bubbly with a vibrant label would be fun and would double as a nice pop of color on dining tables.

So, by pairing a bold tone with softer colors and being careful with the amount of the color in any given area, you can achieve a strong, yet soft feel for your wedding or special event. Do you have additional ideas? If so, please share with us in a comment below.


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2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid posted in: Events, Fashion, Inspiration, Trends, Weddings

The 2014 Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid (PANTONE 18-3224), a shade of purple that’s a real attention-getter.

Radiant orchid is one vibrant gal in the colorwheel – uplifting and bold. She is expressive, energizing, original, and blooming with confidence, yet in a totally embraceable way.

Pantone 2014 Color of the Year Radiant OrchidThis color is a blended harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones which is said to emanate great joy, love and health. With these attributes, what’s not to love? Who wouldn’t want to invite greater joy, love and health into their life?!

While Radiant Orchid is unique and bold, it’s also surprisingly versatile. This color has range! It is a nice companion to pastels, makes a statement as the bold counterpart to a lighter shade of purple such as Violet Tulip (another hue from the spring 2014 palette), and also plays nice with other bold colors such as teal for a totally vivacious look. This is one shade that you can take almost anywhere this year!

The color hit the runways during the spring 2014 fashion shows incorporated into collections by designers such as Emerson, Stella McCartney, and Juicy Couture, to name a few, and has been reported to be making its way to the red carpet. This particular blend of fuchsia, purple and pink has both cool and warm undertones, making it flattering to many hair, eye and skin tones. So dare to be radiant in this haute hue!


In the world of events, this eye-catching color is as adaptable as it is beautiful. Create a totally radiant event in monochromatic tones using this shade, or use it to create ambiance through lighting, make a statement with bold florals, create a focal using unique furniture pieces or to add a splash of color in accents and accessories. Radiant Orchid livens up neutral gray, beige and taupe palettes, creates a striking combination when paired with turquoise or teal, complements deeper tones such as olive and navy, and is chic with red or even muted neon or light yellow tones. So whether you decide on a little or a lot, this color definitely knows how to dress a party!


 Radiant Orchid Collage. Events

So what do you think of Radiant Orchid – love it or leave it? Would you use if in your event or wear it to a party? Have any other pairing suggestions? We’re dying to know, so leave a comment below.


Wishing you an inspiring day!

Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven



Images Courtesy: Tanja & Co. Studio 109, Colin Miller, Colin Cowie, James Michael Photography, Cheryll Gillespie, Aileen Tran, David Tucker Photography and Shaadi-Bazaar

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Wedding Wednesday: The Colors of Love posted in: Uncategorized, Weddings

With Valentine’s Day only a day away, the Party Maven has been working overtime to bring you a Wedding Wednesday complete with all things love inspired and effortlessly romantic. Deep reds and and bubblegum pinks need not be restricted only to Valentine’s Day! When paired together, these colors instantly evoke sentimental feelings of charm and passion. What could be more perfect on the day you say “I Do” to the love of your life?

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