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Ding Dong! Are you ready for the mob of monsters expected to ring your bell on Hallows Eve? On October 31st, kids from coast to coast will get all dressed up to…well walk in the dark, talk to strangers, and get free candy. But it’s all in good fun.

As an Etiquette Consultant, I see this annual night of costumed celebration and candy, as a perfect time to reinforce manners, civility and neighborly conduct with our families. As
a home host, the focus is a safe environment (and sweet treats, of course), and as a wrangler of the little ghouls and goblins, the primary role is to make sure that trick-or-treaters are safe and respectful.

Posh Petal with edit


Here are my top tips to everyone has a Happy Halloween:

  1. 1. Know the Code.
    1. Lights On – Open for Business! An “on” porch light, well-lit home, and lit decorations are all signals that the home is accepting trick-or-treaters.
    2. Lights Out – sorry, we’re closed. If the porch light is off, the outside is not lit or all lights are off, simply move along to the next home.
    3. When a participating home runs out of candy, turn off the lights. You’re now closed.
  1. 2.    Ring the doorbell or knock once. Homeowners are expecting you. If after 30 seconds to a minute no one comes to the door, move on. They may unable to come to the door at the moment.
  2. 3.    Light it up and clear it out.Make sure that your drive and walkway is well-lit and free of trip hazards. Secure and mark items such as such as: electrical cords or sprinkler heads that could trip costumed visitors.
  1. 4. Use your magic words. When someone comes to the door, say “Trick or Treat.” Follow-up with a “Thank You” and “Happy Halloween”. And if someone makes a comment or ask about your costume, be sure to politely respond.
  2. 5. To Be or Not To Be….Alone. If your child/children will be joining friends in another neighborhood to trick-or-treat, make sure that there is an adult chaperon. If your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat without a chaperone, have a talk with them about appropriate behavior – discussing safety and respect.
  1. 6. Be respectful of people’s property. Walk along lit paths. Don’t run. Do not discard of candy wrappers on anyone’s lawn.
  1. 7. Don’t be a greedy grabber. While one treat per visitor is customary, if someone invites you to take another – this is fine, but don’t grab five. If a bowl of candy has been left on the porch, help yourself to only one piece, or one treat bag.
  1. 8. Stay on the Path. Keep to streets, drives, walkways and paths. Don’t take short cuts through lawns or flowerbeds.  Not only could you damage the landscaping, you could hurt yourself.
  2. 9. Be respectful of the time. Most cities schedule times for trick-or-treating (check the local news stations, fire department or town/neighborhood’s facebook page). Abide by the set times, and as a general rule, don’t trick-or-treat 9PM.
  3. 10. Don’t Double-Dip.  Visit a house only once. No matter how delicious the goodies, if you have been there before, you should not go again.

Bonus Tips
A few other guidelines to commonly asked questions.

How old is too old to Trick-or-Treat?  There really is not an official cut-off age for Halloween. By natural evolution trick-or-treaters make their last round between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. However, there may be times when a child a few year beyond this age is taking the littles candy seeking. If they are in costume, give them candy too. They just want to celebrate the spirit of the holiday for one last time. Be a good sport and give to all in costume.

I don’t want to hand out candy, but don’t’ want to be labeled the neighborhood grouch. First of all, it isn’t a crime to refrain from participating in trick-or-treat festivities. Secondly, you have a few options:

  1. In the instance that you will be home, but simply prefer not to answer the door. I recommend turning off most interior lights, but be sure to leave the front walk and porch well lit. Leave a bowl of candy on a pedestal at the front door along with a note. Retreat to the family room or den for a quiet evening with a movie, book or glass of wine.
  2. Plan to have dinner out during this time. In this case, all lights should be out when you leave our home.
  3. Put your car in the garage, pull the blinds, and kill the lights to make your “no candy here” intentions clear.


Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation yourself on Halloween? Sounds below with your comments.


On a sugar-high,

Tanja & Co. Events & Etiquette

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Let’s Talk Turkey – Top Tips for Hosting the Best Thanksgiving – ever posted in: Holiday Decorating, Holidays, How To

Does the thought of hosting Thanksgiving leave feeling completely overwhelmed, or have you running around in a frenzy like a turkey with it’s head cut off (yes, you’ve just been hit with a bad pun). Well, don’t give up just yet. Hosting Thanksgiving can be fun  – for everyone…the host included!

Getting it right is all about planning and a little perspective. And when we do get it right, hosting a holiday celebration and meal can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life – truthfully. Think about it, one of the things that gives our lives real meaning and satisfies the soul is the time we spend making memories with the people who matter most to us. So here are my top tips to help you host your best Thanksgiving – ever.


1. Get a bird’s eye view
Think about the overview of the day – who will be in attendance, timing, activities, and of course the meal. And write down it down. Think of the who, what, where, how and how many. This outline will help you to plan properly and anticipate needs.

2. Carve out a plan
This is about logistics. Now that you have considered the number guests you will host , the time of day, the flow of meal service , what activities will keep your guests entertained prior to dinner, etc., take this information and formulate your plan. Detail what needs to get done, who will do it (remember, just because you’re the host doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Ask for help and delegate some of the tasks. Family and friends are happy to get involved. Having a plan will ensure that planning goes smoothly.

3.  Set the scene.
Spend time carefully laying out the linen and setting the table (we share how in this video). This is a holiday that’s all about togetherness, so a long feasting table and family style meal service works well. Scape the table with the colors of fall using seasonal flowers or pumpkins and squash, and personalize each place setting with a name card. And if you would like help to setting the scene with fine linen, unique tablescape and creative special touches, give us a call, and we’d be happy to help you make this year’s celebration a memorable one.

4. Mix it up
Who says it HAS to be parade, football, dinner, nap, more football, another nap. While that schedule is all well and fine, why not mix things up a bit. Make a plan for good ol’ fashioned fun and conversation. After dinner clear the table or gather everyone in the den for a game. Trust me – it makes for good times and fun memories, and I AM one of those family members or guests who secretly wants to run for the hills or cry tummy ache when I hear the words, from an uber-enthusiastic aunt,  “let’s play a game!”. It has always needed up being a memorable and special time. Also, though we love the same faces we see each year during the holidays, consider adding in some new ones. There are always people in town do not have family or may not be able to go home for the holiday. New faces bring new energy, new perspective and expand our gift of love.

5. Give ‘em the bird
…so to speak. Send guests off with a little goody bag (Note: Yes, this does require you to prepare a little additional, so adjust your shopping lists, prep time, etc. accordingly). Purchase inexpensive food containers, and send everyone home with a little turkey and maybe even some of the fixin’s, and include a note of Thanksgiving – reminding each person that they are special to you and having them with you makes the day complete.

Bonus Tip: Get perspective
This is perhaps the most important. Before doing anything else to prepare, take time to reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving. Yes, the day stands out in our minds as one of our favorite feasting holidays of the year, but I encourage you to take time out of your busy day to truly think about what Thanksgiving means – what it truly looks like to live a life of Thanksgiving. Taking this time to remind ourselves of the true meaning of the day and of the gift of family and friends helps us to keep things in perspective, and it also helps us to stave off the frenzy, fury and frustration that often comes with the pressures of achieving perfection – which in and of itself will be a blessing to you and everyone in your household !

So there you have it, keep these tips in mind when planning your holiday celebrations, and you are sure to be remembered as the hostess with the mostess savvy.

Do you have any other tips to share with our reader that would reduce stress or add fun to their holiday celebrations? If so, please share below in a comment.


Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven


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Forget Me Not posted in: Holidays, Uncategorized

Hi Society!

Today is Forget-Me-Not Day, a day to remember family, friends, and loved ones….and let them know that you are thinking of them.

2012-08-25 18.31.01

Not that we ever need an excuse, but this day of recognition serves as a great, gentle reminder to turn our attention to those who mean the most to us. So take this opportunity to get in touch with friends and family, especially those loved ones we haven’t seen in a while. After all, isn’t it one of the most wonderful feelings – to know you are loved and are being thought of?

Call a friend, write someone a handwritten note, meet in person – what’s important is simply to be in touch. Need a little inspiration, here are some ideas  of ways to celebrate family and friends:

  • Surprise someone with a fun balloon bouquet
  • Send an to your email address book to say, I appreciate you and are glad you are in my life.
  • Send  flowers
  • Have lunch or dinner with Mom or grandma
  • Deliver a sweet treat to a neighbor
  • Thank military personnel for their service
  • Bake cookies for your local law enforcement or fire department
  • Give Forget Me Not flower seed packets to family and friends. This is very popular. The seed packets are very inexpensive and easy to mail.
  • Phone people you haven’t seen in a while and share something that you appreciate about them, and even wish them a happy National Forget Me Not Day….they’ll get the message.

Do you have other ideas of ways you can celebrate others today? Then share your ideas below in a comment.

Oh and as always, we invite and encourage you to share this message with your friends and social circle!


The Tanja & Co. Team

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Just Hear Those Registers Ring-aling……Holiday Shopping Had Already Begun posted in: Cool Products, Great Products, Holidays, Inspiration

Yes, your read it right. Holiday Shopping – Yes, It Has Begun…

While today is Halloween and some people haven’t even chosen their Halloween costume yet, 26 percent of consumers have already begun their holiday shopping – that’s one quarter of Americans!…and half plan to start their research before Thanksgiving. While Black Friday, the once one-day event notorious for cutthroat competitive shopping has historically served as the kick-off of holiday commerce, the season has now evolved into a near month-long spree of holiday shopping promotions that begins in early November. With electronic devices connecting us to the world wide web at our fingertips nearly 24/7, the prediction that “this holiday shopping season will  be our most connected ever”, isn’t surprising. For more on the research Google’s Holiday Shopper Insights research findings (it’s quite interesting), check out this article.

And if you’re among those already in the spirit of the holidays, may we recommend starting here with Tanja’s Favorite Things 2013  list for inspiration and great gift ideas that are still totally cool and some dare we say even covetable treasures. And stay tuned because the finishing touches are being put on this list list, and will be released soon for your inspiration and shopping pleasure!

One more thing before we go – we hope that you enjoy a safe and Happy Halloween!


The Tanja & Co. Team


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Are You Ready for the Trickiest Holiday of the Year? posted in: Events, Halloween, Holidays, Inspiration, Party Ideas

EEK! Halloween is next week, are you ready for some fun?

Everyone is looking for easy ways to build employee engagement and infuse fun into the workplace. And Halloween offers a great opportunity to encourage engagement, build team morale and make fun memories!

Here are 5 Easy Ideas for Celebrating Halloween in the Workplace (no. 5 is always a hit!):

1.Host a Halloween lunch or afternoon break complete with fun themed food and decor.

2 Pimp Your Pumpkin. Provide a pumpkin to each department to decorate as a team. This also makes for a great contest activity.

3. Have a themed contest. Encourage Employees to dress up, and hold a costume contest – think Most creative costume, Best Character costume, etc., or decorate office doors or cubicles.

4.Schedule volunteering activities. Have your team dress in costume and “treat” the community with the gift of time and fun in support of a favorite or company supported cause.

5.Host a Secret Trick-or-Treat Exchange. Much in the fashion of a Secret Santa or White Elephant Party, have staff bring a trick or a treat to exchange during your party (see no. 1)

What other ideas do you have to bring a little festive fun to the office? Share with us in a comment below!

Hope you have a frighteningly fun work day this Halloween!

Signature Tanja & Co. Events




P.S. Like what you see? Consider sharing this post with your friends. Sharing is caring!

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A Proposal to Consider A Proposal posted in: Holidays, Inspiration

Today is Proposal Daya day dedicated to marriage proposals. For those in love, this could be the big day that will change their lives!

Proposal Day is a day set aside for future brides and bridegrooms to stop hesitating and pop the question. The day was specifically chosen for this recognition by the creator to nudge procrastinating young lovers into matrimony because today is also the Vernal Equinox. The equinox is a time at which point day and night are equal lengths, a reminder symbolizing “the equal efforts of the two required to comprise the successful marriage.

I propose

Have you or someone you know been contemplating broaching the subject of marriage with THE ONE? Do you know someone who’s been carrying a ring in their pocket for a while now…waiting for “the right moment” to pop the question? Is this you? Consider that today may be the day – the exact encouragement and boost of positive reinforcement from the Universe that you need.

If you’ve not yet had this conversation with your love? The holiday is also meant to spark a conversation about the possibility of a future proposal, according to ProposalDay.com. So maybe your ring finger just has to wait — until next Proposal Day, that is (and there’s another Proposal day recognized in the fall).

When do you feel the time is appropriate for a couple to be engaged to marry? Did you and your love have a whirlwind romance, or did he/she  or you take their/your own sweet time ?Everyone is different, and it’s fun to hear different people’s take and approach. Check out this globetrotting groom’s six-year proposal – he spent 6 year planning!

What do you think of this – touching or torturous? Spill it in a comment below. Oh and if you like what you read, consider sharing it with a friend.


Tanja & Co. Events & Etiquette

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Holiday Door Decor – Inspirations and How-Tos posted in: Decorating Ideas, Holiday Decorating, Holidays, How To, How Tos

Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year. The magnificent decor is delicious eye candy and there’s an untouchable special  magic of the season that brightens faces, warms hearts and evokes a sense of harmony among fellow man that makes me feel sparkle on the inside.

Speaking of the magic, anyone ever wished for cheery little elves to appear, sprinkle some magic Christmas dust  that  instantaneously decks your halls (and doors) in holiday splendor? Well, in the event that the elf on the shelf doesn’t help you out this year,  here are six easy steps to dress you door for the holidays.

holiday door 2013

You don’t need a lot of time (heaven knows this is the item with the highest of price tags these days) or items – my design has @20 total pieces! So if you’re home needs a little help finding Christmas this year, it’s not too late.

You’ll need:

  • Hooks, anchor clips
  • Garland
  • Lights (optional)
  • Decorations – bows, ornaments and other decorative accents of choice. I used 8 bows (10 including the two for the planters) @10 ornaments/accessories
  • Step ladder
  • Floral scissors (to cut fresh garland)
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters


Holiday Door Decor How-To

The Process: Attempts to distract my supervisor were futile 😉

The Steps:           

    1. 1. Install your mount(s). Nails, brick clips, mounting rod, etc.
    2.     Nails (I recommend as small as possible to support the weight), brick clips mounting rod, etc .
      2. Frame the door with garland
    3.      If you will be using twinkle lights in your design, I recommend wrapping these int your garland before hanging.
    4. 3. Select a starting point and work balancing your design as you go.
    5.      I used bows in different sizes, textures and patterns as my main decor element and accented with coordinating accents. The key is to have a common denominator in
    6.      your design to tie everything together. In this case mine was the color story of bold red and lime green.
    7. 4. Secure your largest or feature pieces
    8.      Again, for this design, mine are the bows. I began by hanging the largest bow in one of the corners of the door, then used one medium and   two small bows in the opposite      corner to achieve balance in size with more of a whimsical look.
    9. 5. Add accent pieces


Now your door is all dressed up for the holidays! A simply charming and warm welcome to those who come calling this Christmas, wouldn’t you agree?

Warmest of wishes for a magical and blessed holiday season,

Tanja & Co. Events & Etiquette




For tips on how to decorate your mantle for the holidays, check out our video on Tanja TV !

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T’s Favorite Things 2013 posted in: Fashion, Great Products, Holidays, Trends, Uncategorized

It’s hard to believe yet another year has gone by and the Christmas holidays are upon us. Many of you have been so kind to send personal thank you notes for my Favorite Things list and I have enjoyed calls and messages sharing with me how your friends have loved some of the gifts from the list that you have given. I’m back again with ideas and inspiration for your inner Santa Claus. After much research (shopping!) and review, here are my favorite gifts to give (and receive) this year!

Golden Handcuffs

Modeled after nineteenth-century French lace, this romantic cuff exudes elegance with an edge. This versatile piece can go from office to evening or off-duty to black tie effortlessly. Amp up the appeal and cuff each wrist. Beverly Hills-based Bonnie Star designs offers handmade pieces that are incredibly versatile. This covetable yet affordable this brand is a favorite amongst A-listers and discerning fashion-forward women.

bonnie star golden cuff

$495 | ahalife


Rack ‘Em Up

The perfect gift for a pool shark! This personalized billiards set is beautiful and seeing your name all over the table will surely get in your opponent’s head.

personalized pool ball set

$290 | Horchow

Small Scale
Introducing music early has been proven to boost a child’s development which is why we love the idea of this classic baby grand piano. Made for small hands and big sounds, this pint-sized toy is the perfect training ground for any budding musician.

Not only is it great-looking, just the right size for tiny fingers to find the right notes, get ready – you may just have the next Mozart on your hands.

giggle piano

$80-$150 | giggle


Sitting Pretty

The famous coffee house style dining chair is an icon and is still regarded as the most successful industrial product in the world (interesting discovery during my “research”).  This staid seat has a unique twist in its design – a stylish knot on one of the front legs. This is a case when being bent out of shape is a good thing.

bentwood chair with knot$2,180 | switchmodern


The stylish Folio for your iPhone 5/5s carrying friends has a few tricks up its sleeves to keep your cords….and nerves from getting all knotted up. Behind its wallet door (another cool feature) it a hidden cord wrapper that keeps earbuds organized. And right next to this ingenious feature is a storage compartment for small stuff like breath mints or anvil. This multi-functional beauty does it all without bulking up your pockets.

folio case 2

$39.99 | quirky

Time Out


This Maison Martin Margiela gives time a hard-hitting edge with this cuff bracelet. The watch-like silhouette will work best worn solo with everyday looks. avant-garde design makes you take time out to appreciate it’s showstopping beauty.

martin margiela cuff watch

$590 | saks


Jacques Torres new Bean to Bar line, Jacques has taken cocoa bean from the Dominican Republic roasted them, conched, and molded them into this deliciously creamy milk chocolate bar.

jacques torres bean to bar

$7 | mrchocolate

Tool Trolley
This adorable little garage on wheels has everything your lil’ handyman (or handywoman!) needs. A 2-in-1 wooden cart and work bench, this eco-friendly toy is packed with loads of fun magnetic play tools to build and create with—so their imaginations can run wild for hours.

tool trolley $90 | giggle


Dessert You Can Bathe In

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation, as you unwind while enjoying two of life’s loveliest pleasures. Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a warm, fragranced bath while these softly scented Crème Brule bath salts work to melt away the stresses of the day. Before you slip under the sheets, lather yourself in the delightful soufflé body crème. Just the thought sounds delicious!

laura mercier creme brule$48 |bloomingdales


Get the Drop on Glamour

These Swarovski crystal, brass and glass chandelier earrings would make the perfect embellishments for ears to don at evening affairs . Add these colorful gems to neutral toned frocks to turn the volume on your style up a notch put a little extra WOW in your evening wardrobe.


$255 | shopethica

The chefs in your life will enjoy these new culinary oils from WholeVine Products. Unlike your ordinary cooking oils, these raw oils are cold-pressed from fresh harvest of wine grape seeds according to variety shortly after the juice is removed, left to settle and then bottled, unrefined and unfiltered like fine wine, for a deeper natural essence. Nothing is ever added. You can choose your favorite grapeseed oil by variety of grape as you would a wine, as each has a distinguishable varietal character. PS: This company just added gluten-free varietal grape skin and seed flours that I’m anxious to try.

whole vine oils

$25 | wholevine




How adorable is this Lug’s “Undercover Bear” travel blanket set?! The ultra plush blanket stores neatly inside the included zipper pouch which also inflates into a pillow. Great for the jet-setting wee tots in your life. It has a great price point and for only a few dollars more you can have the set monogrammed.

undercover bear blanket set

$30 | horchow

Worth Your Salt

These unique sampler sets are a great way to explore exotic new tastes and spice up your next meal. Interesting flavors such as smoked chipotle, Bloody Mary, French lavender, vintage merlot infused, and almond cardamom are sure to add enticing aromas to anyone’s kitchen. Displayed in an American made wooden base, the sets include a bamboo salt spoon and reference card that offers suggestions on which salts go with which dishes, making it easy for a novice cook to create perfect flavor combinations.

spice lab salt tubes

$24.9+ | spicelab

! Mirror!

Add a touch of Jazz Age glamour to your home with this stylish mirrored tray. An elegant way to display fine spirits at your next cocktail party or would make a lovely addition to a vanity or in your boudoir.

west elm mirror tray

$89 | westelm

Put on the Map

This stunning map necklace from Three Jane NY is the “It” gift of the season! You pick the address, and they engrave it onto a 14K gold plate, marking your sentimental location with a tiny diamond accent. Be sure to order this one soon….so as to have sufficient time for personalization and delivery by the holiday.


$175 | threejaneny

Manicured Mitts

Sprinkle some fun onto your manicure and create your customized nail look with this great Ciaté collection. A mix of mini paint pots, glitter sprinkles, sequins, caviar pearls, salon quality treatments, cute nail gifts and few hidden surprises are prettily packaged in this gift set.

ciate manicure set

$58 | bloomingdales


Sock it to Me

Etiquette Clothiers Socks – the name totally caught my eye and caused me to take a closer look. This brand focus on the basics – and more importantly doing them right. Not your average socks, these slubby socks are expertly crafted using the finest materials. Available in vibrant colors and patterns like mango polkadot (pictured), your feet have never looked so good.

etiquette clothing socks


 $24 | zady


Kiehl-ed Over

Since 1851’s the Kiehl’s brand Creme de Corps products have been cult favorites. Rich in all-day hydration, the line is ideal for luxuriously pampering dry skin. They’ve put together a great holiday set that offers an entire collection of their famed Creme de Corps, Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish, Ultra Facial Cream, Lip Balm and more.


$65 | bloomingdales



Amazing Lace

One part sweet, one part seduction, and totally feminine. This boudoir-inspired bed jacket trimmed in eyelash lace is straight pinup sexy. The feather patterned eyelash lace robe has elegantly fluttered sleeves and a decadent silky sash to cinch the waist. A gift that’s sure to lure a smile (and that’s not all it’s likely to entice) to the faces of both the giver and the receiver.

Nevaeh Bed Jacket

$202 | nevaehintimates



This little device monitors your activity to provide you with real-time feedback on steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs, and some even track your sleep levels. It wirelessly uploads your data to Fitbit.com so you can gain deeper insight into your fitness and sleep levels with free online graphs and charts. The website also offers features of opportunity to connect with friends to share and compete on fitness goals, join the Fitbit community for advice and encouragement and even way to earn fitness badges to mark your accomplishments. A great gift option for friends and family who like to make every step in life count.


$59.95+ | fitbit

Laser Distance Measurer

Whether a pro or a diehard do-it-yourselfer, the Bosch digital distance measurer is a great tool usable for all types for projects. This device uses precision laser-measuring technology to provide precise measurement of length, area and volume. The continuous-length mode automatically adjusts measurements when walking off distances, and this measurer features an ergonomic grip for comfort. This is one of my favorite tools and sure to become a staple in your handyman’s arsenal.

bosch digital laser measurer

$89+ | homedepot



Power and protection for the iPhone. This is a gadget that I now do not know how I lived without! As an event planner, days are often long and regularly require a lot of phone communications that run well beyond my phone’s battery life making my mophie a real life saver. These sophisticated cases stand the test of effective protection (I speak from personal experience – mine has fallen onto wooden staircases, tile floors, you name it…) and provide up to 100% extra battery with the flip of a switch.


$89+ | mophie


Self-Watering Planter

These chic planters by Lechuza are simply fabulously by me. They are cleverly designed with a water-recycling system that automatically irrigates your plants for up to 12 weeks! Being one who travels regularly on an ever-changing schedule…..and not a green thumb to begin with– this is an ingenious find!

lechusa planter

$17+  | lechusa


Opus Wine Gift Set

Give the gift of serving a perfect bottle every time and anytime with this wine service set. Aerate, preserve, chill, filter, and drink excellence with this wine and spirits enhancers kit.

nm opus wine gift set

$60 | neimanmarcus

A Shoe in

Let your inner tomboy shine in these fun metallic oxfords. Accented with cap toes and perforated detailing, don these with cute ankle pants paired with a button down and blazer for that borrowed-from-the-boys look we love.


cole haan oxfords

$198| colehaan

A “Touch” of Beauty

TOCCA, named for the Italian word for “touch” is the maker of unique products for the sophisticated traveler. I love their luxurious lotions – feels like satin on your skin. They come in distinctive and exquisite scents like Cleopatra (my personal favorite) with fresh notes of grapefruit and cucumber, Stella and Brigitte.  These covetable indulgences leaving a touch of luxe on your skin and mystery lingering in the air.

tocca cleopatra

$15 | beauty


Pampered Pooch

What do you get the pooch who has everything? Well, maybe just a little bit more! Harry Barker has a ton of great gift items. Their holiday baskets (also a toy store) include as assortment of fun toys – squeaky, durable, and eco-friendly, chew toy. These gift sets are available in two sizes for your favorite little or large furbaby —a guaranteed pup pleaser! Extra: I also love adding in a tin of their peanut butter treats (a great option when you will be visiting with friends and fam with multiple fuzzy friends).

harry barker dog toy set

$68 setHarryBarker



Something as important as your personal information, passport and important documents deserve proper protection. Luggage tags, passport cover and travel envelope – all are essentials no one should be without. Whether a frequent flyer or making a first trip, these travel accessories are the ideal way to keep one organized and ensured information properly protected at all times. Leatherology offers stylish, quality items that will last many miles and having such luxurious travel essential means you’ll be less likely to misplace your passport while exploring a foreign country.

leatherology travel ccessories

$13+ | leatherology


Tagg Pet Tracker

Now you can see where Fido is 24/7 with the Tagg™ pet tracking system. This lightweight GPS tracker easily attaches to your furbaby’s collar and allows you to monitor your pet’s location and activity (now you can for sure know whether he is getting enough exercise) all from your computer or smartphone. With the help of Tagg Location Tracking you are now in control of finding your pet. Set parameters for Tagg and it will alert you via text and email if your pet gets outside of their “homezone” and pinpoint their whereabouts on the Tagg map so you can bring your lil’ wanderer safely home.


$100+ | pettracker (very reasonable monthly service fee of $7.95 is required over and above the cost of the unit).


Grape Expectations

Bugey Cerdon Methode Ancestrale, an obscure sparkling wine that is hard not to love. Loaded with ripe red berry aromas and flavors, it is a slightly sweet red with pleasant bubbles, and low-alcohol making it an appropriate for all kinds of occasions.  It goes great with Traditional Thanksgiving fare, and makes a refreshing aperitif for even the most sweltering weather – an ideal all year ‘round party wine.


bugey cerdon

 $16.95 | whwc

Lil’ Charmer

Paloma Picassa’s dot charms provide the perfect pop of captivating color. Wear a single charm or slip multiple gems on a chain for effortless elegance. This design is definitely one to add to the timeless Tiffany go to for occasions for years to come.

tiffany dot charm pp

$300+ | tiffany

Well Wishes Flutes

Whatever the occasion, these contemporary flutes stand ready to help you celebrate. Each glass is inscribed with a different sentiment: Health, Prosperity, Happiness, Love, Peace, and Friendship.

well wishes flutes

$85 | neimanmarcus

Prim and Popular

These little ballet flats give some of my best stilettos a run for their money in the compliment department.  Luxe patent leather accented with a tonal grosgrain bow looped through the polished logo on the vamp of these stylish slip-ons garners the attention of guys and girls alike. And the rich red hue makes these Salvatore Ferragamo flats an irresistible classic staple.

ferragamo flats

$450 | shopbop

Old Hollywood Glamour

This train case says globetrotting glamour. Taking its cue from Hollywood’s glitz, this stylish case is crafted in pale faux pale gold leather with a black satin interior, this ultra-luxe makeup bag features cleverly designed compartments to keep all your products safe and organized. A double zipper allows for easy access.

bobbi brown train case

$220 | neimanmarcus


The Perfect Bath

Secret expose: Luxuriating in a bubble bath is one of my favorite indulgences. There’s not much that can improve upon a relaxing soak in the tub, unless it’s the addition of this delightful bath caddy. Ready to hold a good book, a candle and a glass of wine (or if you’re like me….a little bubbly to compliment your bubbles), having a bathtime butler begs your lucky recipient to lounge back, relax and enjoy some me time. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh…….

bath caddy

$44 | give simple

Party Rocker Sounds System

This little machine can turn any room into a dance club. With the flip of a switch, it streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth® device and can project fun, colorful light patterns onto walls and ceilings that can be set to pulsate with your music. Best of all? Its wireless capability means you can DJ from the dance floor –  keep your device by your side, adjusting settings and mixes to the energy of the crowd.

party rocker sounds system

 $199 | brookstone



A multipurpose sensor that keeps you updated on what’s going on at home—from anywhere. Monitor motion, sound, light, temperature, and humidity all from your mobile device. Use Spotter as a veritable extension of your senses, for anything from baby monitoring to washer/dryer notifications or perfecting your wine cellar; the possibilities are endless.


$49 | quirky


Sleeping Beautifully

This beauty sleep companion helps maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and fight wrinkles with your eyes closed. The Illuminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase’s mechanism of action involves the release of copper ions to the skin’s surface via Cupron®  copper technology for textiles. When the skin is in contact with the copper oxide fibers, copper ions are liberated into the moisture found in its upper layers. Copper ions released into this moisture support skin’s natural self-renewal mechanism and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In a nutshell, it’s like putting a night moisturizer on your skin.

Illuminage beauty pillow

$60 | bergdorfgoodman


Gatsby-Worthy Cocktail party

Inspired by the ancient art of handmade Florentine papers, these Juliska Firenze collection cocktail plates feature a marbleized pattern of swirling gold and platinum. The petite portion servers add a bit of mystique to entertaining and a festive backdrop for small bites. From fresh figs and prosciutto to rustic breads and cheeses, our swirling palette of real gold and platinum tones offers a festive backdrop for small bites.

juliska cocktail plates

$148 | juliska



Smart technology that lets you key an eye on what’s important to you. Besides being a cool looking geek gear, this gadget is a highly customizable dashboard that tracks what’s important to you. Personalize each of the four gauges to keep an array of info up-to-date and available at a glance….right from your mobile. Syncing in real time, Nimbus can monitor your commute traffic, weather, calendar, even you email volume and social media network activity. It even works with Fitbit and more.

nimbus personal dashboard

$129 | quirky


Keep it together

Anyone else feel the fastest way to tie a knot is to drop a charger in your bag, wait 30 seconds and remove? Well, Houston, we have a solution! You need a PowerCurl Mini in your life. It’s perfect for Apple’s 5W USB Power Adapter. Simply slide your adapter into the center and wrap your USB cord around it. Flip down the silicone cover to keep those cords firmly in place, and you’re good to go. And the price is a steal – you cannot afford to be without!

power curl cord wrap

$9.99 | quirky

The Conscientious Workaholic

Sivan Health and FitnessFitness Chair with Built-In Exercise Ball- how cool is this?!  Stretch, sit, or spin on this four-wheeled fitness chair that includes a built-in exercise ball. As a seat, the ergonomic design encourages you to sit upright, improving posture. But what’s really cool is that it doubles as a fitness tool. You can use the ball to stretch your muscles and perform a number of workouts that increase circulation, improve balance and strengthen the core. Also worthy of mention is that due to the fact that two of its four wheels lock increasing the chair’s mobility making it eligible for car insurance in some states.

sivan chair

$95 | Amazon


Hand in the Cookie Jar

This jar is like couture for your countertop. A beautiful storage piece adds a lovely look to kitchen decor and is perfect for everything from cookies to sugar cubes. The glass body offers a preview of the tasty goodness in store. The lid is hand-painted with the signature Mackenzie-Childs Parchment Checks™ and topped with an elegant-colored glass knob. You’ll find yourself inventing uses just to incorporate the subtle splash of checks into every room. I’m obsessed!

mc cookie jar

$52 | mackenz-childs

Whether you go away for a day or a month long holiday, you should always enjoy something that makes you feel special. Little luxuries like lingerie and shoe bags are ideal for protecting your best lingerie from being snagged by your stilettos. Soft, lightweight, foldable travel bags are perfect for properly keeping your unmentionables and favorite footwear during your travels.

personalized bags travel bags

$14.95+ | personalizationmall


Have you discovered any cool new products or have other great ideas? Please share below in a comment!


Happy shopping!

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Celebrate World Kindness Day 2013! posted in: Etiquette, Events, Holidays, Society News

Wednesday, November 13th is World Kindness Day!

World Kindness Day offers an opportunity to highlight goodwill in our world. It’s a day that brings people from all walks of life together for a common goal – to show kindness to others.

Celebrate World Kindness Day 2013

While an excuse is never needed to be kind, World Kindness Day exists as a reminder encouraging us to be courteous to others, to lend someone a helping hand, to show compassion or do something to brighten someone’s day. At Tanja & Co, we’ve created an online party, and would love to have you join us in celebrating World Kindness Day this year! By joining together we can see how as individuals focusing on the common thread of  kindness which binds us as one people regardless of race, religion, gender, politics or zip code,  we can effect and propel positive change in the world around us.

Another wonderful thing about World Kindness Day is that it can be celebrated anywhere and in so many different ways. Participation doesn’t have to be costly (be it time or money) to mean more than you may ever know to the recipient. You can do something as simple as invite a single friend to join you for a family dinner, set out and return an elderly neighbors garbage cans, leave a family in your community an anonymous a gift card for a ‘Nite at the Movies’. For more ideas for inspiration keep checking ourCelebrate World Kindness Day event page, or turn back to our recent National Courtesy Month blog post to get you thinking, and we would love to hear your suggestions on ways to spread kindness on this day.


world kindess day celebration ideas

If you’re wondering how World Kindness Day got its official start? It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement which is comprised of about 20 different organizations across the globe.

The day is observed in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, Australia, The United Arab Emirates Italy and India to name a few. Schools are also beginning to formally observe and participate and some also work with awesome kindness outreach programs The Be Kind Project and Life Vest Inside here the USA. If you have interest for schools in your area to join the movement, contact us at support@classroom-connection.org for more information.

So,  join us to celebrate. Be sure to check back here and on our facebook event page often for additional ideas.

Oh, by the way, share this post with your friends to invite them to join the movement and spread kindness!


Signature Tanja & Co. Events




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Fantastic! Please do, as long as you include the following complete information along with the article: Tanja Lynn is The Party Maven. She is a designer, event planner, image consultant and founder of Tanja & Co., a boutique event planning and etiquette consulting event firm based in the Virginias that serves client worldwide.


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Sweetest Day posted in: Holidays

Today, is Sweetest Day – another reason to brighten the day of someone you care about. It’s a day to show your love for parents, grandparents, sweetheart, helpmate and friends, or to spread a little sweetness on someone you know who could use a little love.

Here are some ways to make today the sweetest of days:

  • Send candies or chocolates to your loved ones, or if you have the time bake some special sweets. If you have little ones, get them involved for a deliciously sweet time together
  • Happy Sweetest Daydecorating cookies or cupcakes!
  • Send a different kind of treat, like one of my personal favorites – cupcake bath bombs
  • Do something nice for someone you know can never repay you – among the sweetest of feelings.
  • Getting together this evening with friends? Take along some bon bons and bubbly for a sweet cocktail hour.
  • Treat your BFF to a chocolate pedi
  • Be spontaneous and book a room at charming little B&B for the night with your love.
  • Not close to loved ones today? Then be sweet to yourself. Spend the evening snuggled up with a saccharine-entitled flick such as Chocolat or Sweet Home Alabama and your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Make a sweet soundtrack for your special someone or a playlist for you and your besties
  • Send an e-card.

However you choose to spend the day, may it be filled with many delicious memories.

Do you have other ideas for how to celebrate the day? Share with us in a comment below!




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