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What began for me as “quick fix” for my shoe fetish has (MANY stilettos later) developed into loyalty to a trusted brand, and connection with a culture. I am referring to my experience with the online retailer Zappos. They offer
a vast selection of retail (shoes, handbags, accessories and now even apparel) and a great website, but it’s their unmatched excellence in customer service that makes this company stand out in the crowd. They provide THE best customer service experience available on the web…hands down! And believe me, I am more than qualified, to make this declaration (just ask my husband who is on a first name basis with all the local delivery guys). Whether purchasing, returning, or simply seeking an answer to a question, I always receive great customer service from the Zappos team (and I say this with confidence as someone with high expectation who is also in a customer service focused industry themselves and with a memory like an elephant). Along the way, I became interested in this company that always seemed so interested in me. About a year ago, I decided to take a closer look at Zappos. This is when I first learned about the “Zappos culture” and the man behind it all, Tony Hsieh (pronounced “shay”).

Tony Hsieh, CEO of is on my Top 5 “Would love to invite to dinner” list. I would like to know the man behind this great company and hear his story. So naturally, I was delighted to learn that Hsieh had written a book about his business and his life journey entitled, “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose,” And much to my delight, I was among the lucky ones selected to receive an advance copy of this work! Tony and his team graciously gifted me with not one, but two copies of the book. Great news Society, one lucky reader will receive your very own copy of this release! (More about this a little later). True to my experience with Zappos, the timing was perfect. The day I received the book I had been looking for my next read. Now the question was settled, so I dove right in.

I found Delivering Happiness interesting, entertaining, and overall very real – it was like sitting down to talk with my friend Tony. It’s an easy read, personal and genuine yet, pauses to highlight the lessons, techniques, and ideas that lead a man, a team and a company to success, all the while proving that it takes more than business accomplishment to know true fulfillment. Hsieh tells his story in somewhat of an autobiographical format documenting his thought process, life’s lessons, and personal development, but in a casual conversational manner. The book is divided into three sections detailing memorable moments during his growing years, his financial success, and his pursuit for a greater significance and purpose of life.

The first part of the book takes the reader on a journey through Tony’s childhood, and his early entrepreneurial adventures that began his quest to “make lots of money”. It is evident from the first few pages that even as a young boy Tony was smart, creative, and an independent thinker. One also quickly realizes that Tony has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. His first business venture was in a worm farm at the tender yet ambitious age of nine, and with the exception of a brief stint with an established company right out of college, Tony has always been in business for himself. At a young age (his early twenties), he met his life goal (or so he thought) of obtaining wealth. However, Tony felt something was still missing in his life. His new lifestyle certainly afforded him opportunity to explore new interests, re-connect with old friends and make new ones, take in new hobbies, and learn new skills all of which enriched his life in many ways by their own right, but together led him to the realization of what he had been missing – passion, and his was for experience. Tony focused on his next venture with goals of profitability and passion which consequently introduced him to what would eventually become the e-empire now known as Zappos.

The second section of the book focuses on Tony’s years at Zappos. Fueled by passion and lots of red bull, Tony was determined to help this company succeed. But it wasn’t an easy road. He details the struggles and challenges encountered along the way, and remembers how he relied on some of his past experiences and successes, as resources to help navigate and give insight into overcoming these hardships. He recalled lessons he learned in his climb of Kilimanjaro, time spent figuring out and playing poker (which he credits with providing him the foundation of playing the great game of business), and nurturing his friendships to name a few. Perseverance and creativity combined, with lessons learned from many of his life experiences ultimately formed background that created the “heart” of the Zappos culture which lead to the success of the company.

The final section of the book shifts focus to applying the Zappos philosophy to life in general and to finding and delivering on happiness. Tony Hsieh and the Zappos team deliver happiness to their customers while simultaneously delivering it to each other and also to themselves. In closing, Hsieh encourages and invites readers to adopt this vision and way of life for themselves to create a happier world and a happier you.

Overall the book serves as a reminder to its readers that we are in control of our happiness, to always remain open so that you can grow and learn from every life experience, to never underestimate the value of these experiences to come through with the answer you need of need in a future circumstance, and life is not as much about the doing, as it is about the people – so be sure that when you show up to the party, you bring something that other people will appreciate – bring them love, concern and happiness – take care of those that take care of you.

If you’ve read the book, or plan to read it, please leave a comment below. I love to hear your thoughts and look forward to learning who else out there is a fan of Tony Hsieh.
For a chance to win a copy of the book, visit us on faceboo and register for our giveaway. You will find details under the “sweepstakes” tab. The book is also available now on online at
To learn more about the book and the movement, visit

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Wishing you all a happy day!!

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The Urge to Purge posted in: Giveaway, Home

It’s that time of the year again, time to clean out your closet, and get organized. Does the very sound of this task overwhelm you? No fret. I’m here to share some tips, tricks and a cool new find that will whip your closet into shape, and leave you feeling fabulous, dressed your best, and in control of your life (seriously, I’m so not kidding about just how much this can empower you) in no time!

A closet filled with blouses and dresses that make you look frumpy and pants that are two sizes too big or too small is to say the least discouraging and can make it difficult to find the great stuff you should be wearing to show off your best assets. If your closet is full of these items and things you never wear, you won’t really know what you have or what you need. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to feel like I’m wrestling an alligator just to free an article of clothing from an overcrowded rack or going on a scavenger hunt for a pair of matching shoes at the start of every day. Getting dressed should be an enjoyable experience, and for this to be the case you need to be able to see what you have, and consider all options. So, let’s get to it!

First, purge. For this task, you must be honest and objective with yourself, ruthless even with your decisions. Chances are you won’t even miss the items once they’re gone. And keep in mind, the best dressed are not necessarily those with the most clothes, but those who have the best edited collection of flattering pieces.
Follow this guide to help you say goodbye to old garments:
*Have I worn this in the last 6 months?
*Does this make me feel beautiful and fabulous? Today, right now? Not when I lose 5 pounds or have arms like Madonna’s (if not, it’s out….and must leave the runway)
*Accentuate the positive, does this piece show off my best features?
* Is this piece a timeless classic?
*Has the piece seen its better days? Remember, be honest. If the item is faded and threadbare, retire it!
*Don’t allow yourself to hold on to something simply because it was so expensive when you bought it, or you just know you’ll fit into a size 2 again…some day.

Next, categorize. Find a system that works for you. For me, everything in my closet is organized by category and then subcategorized by style and color (YES, I AM a touch OCD for those of you who may be wondering) …so, I arrange dresses with dresses, pants with pants, and within that are subcategories: silk long- sleeve blouses, silk short-sleeve blouses, etc. I also take it a step further to arrange my wardrobe somewhat by color: lights to darks, solids to prints. The same goes for shoes, heels with heels, flats with flats, all organized by style and color, but the important thing is to find a system that works for you, then get it together and keep it together.

OK, now let’s talk for a moment about hangers. Those of you who know me intimately know that just like Mommy Dearest I am a NO WIRE HANGERS advocate!! Seriously, I’m convinced these things are of the devil. Target or Wal-Mart can hook you up with nice plastic ones for pocket change. However, I am totally sold by my newest find. Society, I give you “Ultra Slim Hangers! They’re like slim-fast for your closet….only they really work. This little indulgence is a totally guilt-free secret to adding space to your wardrobe. I swear by simply exchanging hangers, I gained 25% of my closet space back…WITHOUT purging a single stitch of clothing! A-MAZING! And what’s more, these sleek hangers feature indents for straps and are finished in a soft velvety covering so even the slightest and silkiest of clothing won’t slip off and end up a wrinkled mess at the bottom of your closet. You can snag some of these little miracle workers from Bed Bath & BEYOND, your local TJ Maxx, or better yet, register for our Chic Giveaway!

Society, we’re giving away a set of Ultra Slim hangers this week to one lucky member of The Society/The Wedding Company fan base! Stay tuned tomorrow for our Chic giveaway on facebook.

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VA Bridal Show Giveaway posted in: Giveaway, Great Products

Congratulations Terri Campbell!! 

The winner of our VA bridal show giveaway!

Terri, we hope you enjoy the Tiffany crystal champagne flutes. A blue box is on its way to you!

A warm “thank you” to everyone who visited our booth and registered during the show.

Become a member of The Society Page today for future opportunities to snag some cool swag while keeping current on event trends, fashion, and much more!


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