Christmas is just around the corner! You may be wondering what unique gifts are out there that would be great for gift giving this year! No fret, we are here to help! After researching (shopping!) and reviewing, we’ve selected our favorite gifts to give (and receive) this year!

At the top of my list – experiences – it can be as simple as an outing to a game, concert or even a movie, or as adventurous as a climb to Machu Picchu – the key here is to think from the recipient’s perspective. What are some of their favorite hobbies or interests? And what types of events or outings relate?

Some ideas, how about a visit to a Salt Cave for a new take on a Mom & Me spa day, or what about gifting your BFF two tix to her latest obsession’s upcoming concert, or game tickets for your Dad or SO.
For added flair, include a small item or related accessory (one that they will use/wear) on your outing – a new mask and fins in a favorite color if the gift is a snorkel surprise, cool new sunnies for a trip to the ballpark or outdoor excursion. Oh and remember, to capture lots of memories of your time together! Time spent together are gifts that touch the soul and the sweet memories are gifts that keep on giving.

Hands Free Chic and Ready for Anything!

As an event planner, I love this idea – when i’m dressed up, finding a place to keep my phone on my person yet keep my hands free is always a priority. The Bandolier is the a hard working accessory with serious style savvy that allows you bring along the essentials without the bother of a handbag. You can keep your phone, ID, credit card and cash at your fingertips (while keeping your hands free).

Stylish, smart and fun, Bandolier is the ultimate statement in chic utility allowing you to navigate the day’s adventures, free and easy.

The Bandolier is available in a wide array of styles and colors. personally, I love the Emma in bronze metallic, red and of course classic black leather, and the black velvet would be great for the holidays. Hint, hint 😉

$88 and up/ Bandolier Style


Celebrate Good Times
What better way to celebrate than with champagne and chocolate? A mouth-watering combination of milk chocolate, fresh cream and Taittinger Brut La Française Champagne. These delicious confections are longtime personal favorite of mine.  $20 and up/ Mr Chocolate


Reach Out and Touch Someone

It’s hard when a loved one is far away from you, especially around the holidays. Living apart from family and friends (or simply keeping a schedule that offers little time to connect as often as you would like) can be tough and at times leave you longing to feel close. Here’s an idea to bridge the distance and light up a loved one’s life whether it be across town or across the country—long distance touch lamps. When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is and who is on the other end: Parent or grandparent, niece or nephew, BFF or long-distance significant other. Each person sets up their lamp via Wi-Fi, then reaches out and touches the lamp whenever they want to let their loved one know they’re thinking of them. 

$150 per pair/ Uncommon Goods


Stylish Stems

Hear ye! Hear ye! No longer do cute heels and shoes other than boots need remain on the sidelines during cold weather. Whether walking the dog, on a daily commute or impromptu cocktails with a friend, slip on a pair of kimblz on all those times you want to stay warm….and chic this winter.

 Kimblz are not you’re average leg warmers. Constructed from a buttery soft luxe fabric, these babies perfectly hug the curves of your calves and the faux fur finish keep your ankles warm and oh so cute -can we say stylish stems?! 

$ 43.99 and up / Kimblz


Say What You Need To Say

Create a personalized high-tech accessory with this Project Mc2 smart pixel purse. Ten preprogrammed animation effects let you get started right away, and the app-based creation tool lets you customize the LED display for a unique look. Send your message loud, proud and clear.

$59.99/ Best Buy


Perfect Pendant

In case you haven’t heard of Kendra Scott, it’s an Austin, Texas-born jewelry store known for designing authentic, affordable gemstone jewelry with just a touch of Southern charm. The pendant necklace is pretty close to perfect because it offers just the right amount of glam for everyday wear. Available in an array of beautiful stones (including my fave the platinum druzy) on both silver and gold chains. I’ve yet to see someone who didn’t love this necklace.

$50 and up/ Nordstrom


Num Nom Nom

Your favorite little ones will have everything they need to make their own  flavored lip gloss and it’s all presented in an adorable ice cream truck.
Pick a flavor, add sprinkles, mix it all up, and dispense it from the ice cream machine! 

$27 / Amazon

And to add even more fun and excitement to your favorite little’s face at Christmastime, there’s the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker – it includes everything you need for a custom scented manicure!
Choose a color/flavor, add glitter, mix it all up, and polish it!

$36 / Num Nom Polish 

Back To the Future

All things old are new again. This is a new and futuristic of the original video game. Virtual Pong is the fast-paced, futuristic game that keeps players on their toes with a simulated “ball of light” that bounces off the walls and ceiling. It’s the spaced-out version of tennis you can play in your living room. Use your electronic “racquet” to face off against an opponent… or play solo against the game console. 

$79.99/ Sharper Image


I Can Show You the World

To be honest, I’m just a little sad that this company wasn’t around when I was a little girl –  I would have LOVED it! This gift is easy and will, simply choose a subscription (the site offers fun and engaging options for children ages 3-13) and input recipient’s name and mailing information.
Each month, the child will receive a new package in the mail to start exploring and spark a lifelong love of learning and desire to experience our beautiful world.

@12.95 per month (annual) and up/ Little Passports
15% off


Let’s Chat!

PetChatz is a way to check in with your cat or dog when you are away all day at work on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and will let you see your pet through a webcam, and allow them to see you and hear you. Basically it’s a way to become the office weirdo at work while you are on the computer talking to your dog with a baby voice. None-the-less if you love your dog so much, and just need to see them every hour and give them a treat, the PetChatz pet webcam is for you.

$379/ Oddity Mall

Thyme Saver

OK, this one we discovered all thanks to Oprah. For those who love to cook and who know that using fresh ingredients can make a great difference, but also find nothing but wilted yuck in the fridge come time to incorporate your once “fresh” herbs, the Honey Can Do Herb Preserver is for you.
The days of herbs past their prime are over. This clever preserver keeps things miraculously fresh for up to two weeks!
Gifting idea: Adorn the package with a fragrant bundle of fresh greens to add festive flair to the package!

Available at: Amazon


It’s All About Perspective

PogoCam is an innovative wearable camera that attaches to your glasses so you can capture photos & POV video from your perspective.

This cool tech will bring our you inner Bond and gives inspiration and additional incentive for new adventures!

$149/ Pogo Cam


Feline Fine

Soft cat-like style with iconic cross on the front accented with temple decoration, these sunnies are head turners yet in the most understated way.


$415/ Tom Ford


Jet Set

Take the hassle out of your next trip and unpack at your destination in seconds! The better way to travel.Your perfect week long travel companion. The Roller rolling duffle bag is designed with ease in mind. The benefit to this bag is that it comes with built shelving and laundry bin. It’s never been easier to settle into your home away from home – unzip, hand, and your ready to head out the door to explore your destination. 

$129/Rise Gear


Sing It Out

For the entertainer in your life,  check out this wireless microphone and bluetooth speaker all in one!!  Bring out your friends’ and fam’s inner music star and bring it ANYWHERE. Download your favorite karaoke app, connect your smartphone to the microphone and “hit the stage” for the concert of a lifetime.  

$15/ Wal-Mart

Lost to Found
Never spend precious time searching high and low for your missing keys again – get tile. Tile, is a stylish little bluetooth tracker, paired with an intuitive app that makes it easy to find everything that matters. Find lost items with your phone – if your tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.

$25 and up  /Tile Inc.


A sumptuous set you’ll never leave home without, beautifully woven from pure cashmere. Bring on board for a luxurious plane ride or keep it in the car for long drives. Set includes a super-soft  blanket and cashmere-lined eye mask inside a zipper bag.

$300/ Saks



Now you can enjoy fresh fruit juice on the go! With this portable and Rechargeable USB  Juicer Bottle Blender, you can now make a smoothie wherever you go! Powered simply by a Micro USB, this premium portable blender can travel with you anywhere you go and will blend just about anything you put in it!Premium Portable Blender comes in 3 colors: Sapphire Blue, Rose Pink and Electric Green.

$55/ Happy Hut



Sometimes all Fido needs is a nice cuppa to make everything better. Barking mad has three varieties of tea available for you favorite fur buddy: Seren-i-tea (calming blend), Flir-Tea (for fresh breath) and Tast-Tea (for digestive health). 

$14.99/ Barking Mad Creations


For the one who has everything. A personal hovercraft – the all-in-one, all-season recreational vehicle just may be the one toy not in the toybox. A hovercraft flies you smoothly over land, water, sand, mud, swamp, snow, and ice, letting you explore areas that boats and other recreational vehicles can’t reach. This will make you look at water hazards on the golf course in a whole new light.

$17K and up/Neoteric Hovercraft 


Wishing you the Merriest!