The story of Cinderella continues to influence pop culture of all ages.  And this classic tale is the muse for today’s wedding design inspiration. Cinderella is a tale of unparalleled beauty and goodness that cannot be hidden.  The love story of Cinderella is one of kindness, graceful love and magic!

The color story of navy, sky blue + cornflower + and platinum, invokes, peace, faith, loyalty and love.

cinderella wedding color storyIn this color story the blending of blues creating a beautiful aesthetic and calming effect, while the platinum show strength and the addition of sparkle makes the setting sparkle like a rare diamond

The darker navy tone set a foundation that represents loyalty, integrity and trust. While cornflower is a hue that is fairly universally appealing to the eye, it also used in symbolism blue to describe something of high quality, think of a blue ribbon prize.  Sky blue symbolizes understanding and softness; a refinement along with grace, something truly sincere (like the seemingly effortless and pure connection between Cinderella and Prince Charming). Calming, excellence, loyalty, trust, sincerity – all desirable attributes of your one true love.

(And ladies, studies have shown that blue is a color that is liked and highly accepted among males (good to know if you have a groom who is quite involved and opinionated when it comes to the wedding plans).

Platinum is revered for its endurance. The beautiful silvery-white hue represents determination, grit, and seeing manifestations through to fulfillment. In our color story, platinum symbolizes both Prince Charming’s determination to find his mysterious love and Cinderella’s bravery to stand strong and walk boldly into her destiny.

A Cinderella Story Wedding Inspiration

The setting for this affair is regal, reflecting classic elegance, with a calming charm. A castle, storied mansion or even a luxury space in the Plaza for the modern girl would make for the ideal venue. On the interior, picture stately floor-standing candlesticks marking every row along the ceremony aisle, and fluffy white clouds of fresh blooms almost floating atop silver candelabra gracing reception tables. Place settings of beautiful china and crystal stemware glow in the soft candlelight all perfectly accented with scroll-style menus. The entire scene is washed in the softest blue lighting touched with a sweet kiss of pink for romance.

Aaahhh, if only we could say, “bibbity-bobbity-boo”, and the beautiful scene would magically appear.

A-musingly yours,

Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven



{Credits: Wedding Gown –Alfred Angelo; Shoes, Papery – whimsique}