Just Hear Those Registers Ring-aling……Holiday Shopping Had Already Begun posted in: Cool Products, Great Products, Holidays, Inspiration

Yes, your read it right. Holiday Shopping – Yes, It Has Begun…

While today is Halloween and some people haven’t even chosen their Halloween costume yet, 26 percent of consumers have already begun their holiday shopping – that’s one quarter of Americans!…and half plan to start their research before Thanksgiving. While Black Friday, the once one-day event notorious for cutthroat competitive shopping has historically served as the kick-off of holiday commerce, the season has now evolved into a near month-long spree of holiday shopping promotions that begins in early November. With electronic devices connecting us to the world wide web at our fingertips nearly 24/7, the prediction that “this holiday shopping season will  be our most connected ever”, isn’t surprising. For more on the research Google’s Holiday Shopper Insights research findings (it’s quite interesting), check out this article.

And if you’re among those already in the spirit of the holidays, may we recommend starting here with Tanja’s Favorite Things 2013  list for inspiration and great gift ideas that are still totally cool and some dare we say even covetable treasures. And stay tuned because the finishing touches are being put on this list list, and will be released soon for your inspiration and shopping pleasure!

One more thing before we go – we hope that you enjoy a safe and Happy Halloween!


The Tanja & Co. Team


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Are You Ready for the Trickiest Holiday of the Year? posted in: Events, Halloween, Holidays, Inspiration, Party Ideas

EEK! Halloween is next week, are you ready for some fun?

Everyone is looking for easy ways to build employee engagement and infuse fun into the workplace. And Halloween offers a great opportunity to encourage engagement, build team morale and make fun memories!

Here are 5 Easy Ideas for Celebrating Halloween in the Workplace (no. 5 is always a hit!):

1.Host a Halloween lunch or afternoon break complete with fun themed food and decor.

2 Pimp Your Pumpkin. Provide a pumpkin to each department to decorate as a team. This also makes for a great contest activity.

3. Have a themed contest. Encourage Employees to dress up, and hold a costume contest – think Most creative costume, Best Character costume, etc., or decorate office doors or cubicles.

4.Schedule volunteering activities. Have your team dress in costume and “treat” the community with the gift of time and fun in support of a favorite or company supported cause.

5.Host a Secret Trick-or-Treat Exchange. Much in the fashion of a Secret Santa or White Elephant Party, have staff bring a trick or a treat to exchange during your party (see no. 1)

What other ideas do you have to bring a little festive fun to the office? Share with us in a comment below!

Hope you have a frighteningly fun work day this Halloween!

Signature Tanja & Co. Events




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5 Top Tips for a Happening Holiday Party posted in: Events, Inspiration, Party Ideas


Holidays are some of the most exciting and memorable times of the year, and taking advantage of this excitement as an opportunity to enhance your business and build relationships is something well worth focused effort. Hosting a holiday party can be a great way to do this, but it’s quite possible that the best of intentions won’t produce successful results. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where to host and what to do to make your holiday party something that will appeal to your audience with lasting impact, but with these five tips you’ll be well on your way to throwing the best party your employees have ever experienced (oh and these tips can apply to your social soirees as well!).


1. Keep Your Vision Centered

It’s still a party thrown by your business, so this is the perfect time to reinforce the value of your company and speak to the direction you want the company to be heading toward in the New Year. Knowing exactly how to do this can be a challenge, but when your goals are outlined and communicated to a skilled event planner they will be able to help you creatively and subtlety craft  these messages into your event.


2. Choose the Right Food for the Occasion

This isn’t as much about the particular food selections you choose, but more about whether you want your employees and guests to be mobile – mixing and mingling, or if you want them seated at large tables. Your goals and also the work environment you have will play a large role in this, and if people are already grouped off by who they work worth, it might be a good idea to either have smaller tables, or to have food that causes people to move around and interact a lot more.


3. Tailor Activities to Your Company Culture

The right activity can make all the difference in whether or not employees have a good time, and whether you’re party is just meh or a truly memorable experience. The reason many corporate events seem so boring is that  they lack the element of interaction. There are a number of interactive options available to enhance party time fun.For example your crowd may be wowed by a custom arcade, think a larger-than-life multi-player Pac-Man battle or extreme pong. Or maybe you have a special reason to celebrate and an epic (yes, I used that word, but only because it is sooo fitting) Champagne service unlike any your guests have ever seen or experienced before, and one that NO ONE will ever forget…ever. The key is that the entertainment be authentic to your company culture and relative to any chosen theme. A skilled event professional worth their weight will be able to tune into your business and help you find the right activity for your company based on your audience and goals.


4. Timing is Everything

Though it’s not likely you would make a mistake as big as planning a party on Christmas Eve, you still have to pay very close attention to when you host your party. Just as the entertainment aspect, timing for your must also be carefully selected based on the audience as well as other events and happenings vying for everyone’s attention during those few precious party weekends before Christmas. Depending upon the goal and size of your event, a weekday luncheon and afternoon of fun may be ideal, or perhaps a big bash just after the New Year would be perfect to get employees motivated to go for new goals with gusto.


5. Revolutionize the Location

You’d be surprised how much the location of a party can impact one’s experience. If you always have a party at the same restaurant, things might tend to become mundane. Instead, try heading to a new location to make things more exciting. A few ideas off the top – a local museum, a cool gallery, an otherwise private club, or even a posh bowling center or amusement park.


Parties are fun, but they are also excellent tools to foster positive relationships at work (and in your personal life as well), increase energy levels of employees, and realize an overall positive impact on a company. While these tips are helpful, planning the right party goes so much deeper. Stay tuned for more tips and trends, and visit Tanja & Co to explore how we can help ensure you’re holiday party…and business is the talk of the town!



Signature Tanja & Co. Events

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