Today is Pay it Forward Day. While the day of recognition focuses on raising awareness of the concept of selfless giving for just one day a year, everyday can be Pay it Forward Day by being aware of the needs of others around us in the world and considering how our talents, resources and heart may be a blessing to others. Even the simplest considerations and acts of kindness can help anyone feel a little better. Always keep in mind that even the smallest gesture could make someone’s day. Here are a few ways ideas of how you can pay it forward:

Buy someone’s latte. At your local coffee shop, pay for someone else’s cup of coffee when you buy your own.

Send a Card. Write notes of appreciation to friends, family members, coworkers or neighbors, telling them why they are important to you.

 pink thank you card


Help out at home. Look around your own home to see what needs to be done – do an extra chore or two. It WILL be appreciated – guaranteed!  And it may make such a differnece so someone you love, you may be encouraged to make it a habit.

Give the gift of books. Have books you’re no longer reading? Donate them to a library, or sell them to a used bookstore and donate the cash to an organization that sponsors reading programs.

Feed someone. When at lunch, buy an extra meal for a homeless person. This is not only kind, it’s also healthier and more constructive than just giving them money.

Share a sweet treat. Buy some cookies at your favorite bakery and ask the clerk to leave them out for other customers to enjoy.


Pay someone’s way. In line to pay for a toll or train ticket? Pay for the person behind you, too.


Make a Donation. Donate usable clothing and health & personal care products to a local shelter or charity.  Someone else will really appreciate the items you can’t use, and your donation will support vital community programs.


Be a voice for those without a voice. Contact your local animal shelter or rescue organization to find out which supplies they need most, and then donate them.


Help someone in need. Run an errand for someone, keep the kids for a friend, or visit an elderly neighbor who isn’t able to get out.


Share your favorite things. Buy two of something and give one away. If you love it, chances are someone else will, too.


Volunteer. Contact a local hospital or community organization to see how you can volunteer your services.

 Epsilon Community Involvement


Hold the door. Be aware of those coming through the door behind you. Look for people who are carrying things and may need extra help.


Let someone go first in line. When you’re in line at the grocery store with a full cart, allow someone with just a few items to go ahead of you.


Save a life. Donate blood, can’t be manufactured; it has to be donated – a true gift.


Be a courteous driver. Make the highway safer, and reduce your stress level, by letting other drivers merge in front of you.



Care for those who are sick. Deliver a meal and an easy read or movie to a sick friend or neighbor to enjoy while they recuperate.


Go Global. Make a contribution to a global charitable organization or reach out by email or phone to learn how else you may become involved in a worthy world-wide mission.


Your generosity will make someone’s day a little better. What other ideas so you have to add to the list?


And by the way, if you like and agree with what you see, share it with a friend!