Have you seen this confectionery masterpiece? It is quite the showstopper!

This masterpiece is actress Kaley Cuoco’s upside down wedding cake that she and her new hubby, Ryan Sweeting served at their recent wedding reception. The sparkling sugar showpiece was created by Kimberly Bailey of the Butter End Cakery and was installed installed with the help of production pros at RrivreWorks. In a word – STUNNING!!!

Chandelier Upside Down Wedding Cake

But this gravity-defying dessert  wasn’t simply some gorgeous to look at it – it was literally good enough to eat! The rhinestone adorned cake which boasted a grand 27-inch bottom layer (or top depending on which end you consider is up) consisted of two-flavors —almond with toasted almond cream cheese buttercream frosting and chocolate almond cherry with cherry cream cheese buttercream frosting—sounds as good as it looks!

As you can imagine, the display for this creation required a little…OK, a lot more than a pretty cake stand. Pulling off this presentation required a few trips to Home Depot, custom rigging, several sandbags and a lot of creativity and can-do determination! A gorgeous example of the benefits of having pros at the helm of your event!

We think this daring display takes the cake! What do you think? Love it or leave it? Share your thoughts below in a comment.


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