Hosting the perfect bridal brunch can be easy. Once you have spent time with the guest of honor carefully crafting the guest list and determining desirable date options, you’re ready to spring into action.


celeb worthy bridal brunch

Here are our top tips for hosting a bridal brunch for your BFF:



Be it a favorite color, era (the ’20s are roaring once again) or style, select a theme reflective of the personality of the bride-to-be.


I recommend serving small bites – mini stacks topped with berries, assorted petite quiche, ricotta souffle muffins, fresh fruit skewers & individual desserts.


Instead of dealing with the hassle of stocking and managing a full bar, serve a feature drink – a creative twist on mimosas works wonderfully. Not only is offering a specialty cocktail festive, but will also help you save on the budget.


Consider hosting a jewelry styling session with an independent consultant where guests may be fitted for accessories that best suit their style and person. Having pictures of  this special time is always appreciated. Hire a photographer, setup a backdrop and have photos of each guest snapped with the guest of honor as they arrive to the party! You can also create a hashtag on Instagram and ask guests to share their favorite photos of the day tagging them to the event.

However you choose to celebrate, it’s always a fun time when good girlfriends get together!

Do you have great recipes or other fun ideas to share? Leave a comment below sharing your ideas.



Tanja Lynn, The Party Maven