While in Vegas recently, I visited the sweetest spot on the Strip, The Sugar Factory, to stock up on one of my favorite treats. I’m talking about Couture Pops. A globe sits atop a beautifully bedazzled lollipop stick.

More than just a lollipop, it’s an accessory! These savvy sweets are going to make candy history – you heard it here.

Couture Lollipops

 Couture Pops have become a craze and they’re sweeping the celebrity world. Everyone from Fergie to Flo Rida can be seen with one of these couture candies. A few celebs such as Ms. Spears even have their own line.

These chichi candies  are available in a array of colors and designs, so you can select the perfect one to suit your style. A few personal faves are black onyx, champagne and the disco stick to set-off my strawberry and pina colada pops.

These sweet sensations would  make a unique and fun guest gift for your next party!