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Today is Election Day here in the USA!  At Tanja & Co, we are excited to celebrate our right to vote!  We’ve put together some really great ideas for celebrating election day and wanted to share them with you!

Let Freedrom Ring!

When you think of America, you probably think of Red, White and Blue!  So, be sure to decorate for Election Day with these festive colors!  If your political party has a mascot (think elephants or donkeys), find cute ways to incorporate these into your décor!  And, be sure to fly your American Flag high!

Election Day Treats

Don't Bite My Head Off!

If having guests over to watch the election results come in, serve simple Americana foods!  We love the idea of adding a festive touch with some adorable cake pops from Candy’s Cake Pop’s (pictured above)!  We also have pinned some really cute patriotic treats on our Election Day Pinterest Board!

Celebratory Cocktails

Let's Celebrate!

As adults, we all have the right to vote….and the right to enjoy a nice cocktail too!  At your Election Party, why not serve some delicious festive cocktails?  We’ve pinned some really great recipes for Election Day cocktails here!

All In Favor of Music Say ‘I’!

If your atmosphere and guests are open to music (not advisable for those hosting die-hard information hounds), we suggest fun tunes similar to Party in the USA!  Other great songs would be the National Anthem and Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”.  If music isn’t right for your crowd, be sure to tune TVs to your election coverage of choice in every room guests will be in during the evening – because this audience typically doesn’t like to miss one minute of commentary and poll updates.

Regardless of any party affiliation, we can all celebrate this wonderful country we live in, and send out our best wishes for a positive and prosperous future!

Happy Voting!

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Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Hostess! posted in: Entertaining Essentials, Etiquette, Great Products

In less than 3 weeks, many of us will be traveling to visit family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.  No matter if you are traveling across the country or a mile down the road to celebrate Thanksgiving with a delicious meal, you will probably want to bring your host or hostess a gift to show your appreciation!

At Tanja & Co., we wanted to make it easy for you find the perfect hostess gift!  Below we have listed some of our favorite hostess gifts to give (they are also gifts we wouldn’t mind receiving!).

A Cheerful Knife for a Cheerful Host

This adorable knife would make such a cool hostess gift (or holiday gift) for the culinary enthusiasts in your life!  It can be used to quickly chop herbs, veggies, and chocolate!

Be Cheesey!

This quirky set of cheese buttons will serve to identify the source of the milk used to make the cheeses displayed on your cheese board. Each animal profile grip anchors into the cheese with three pointed prongs. Guests can then hold the head to keep the cheese block in place for serving. A set of three includes one of each: Cow, Goat and Sheep.

Sip with Style

We think these cocktail napkins make the perfect hostess gift!  We love this “drinks” cocktail napkin set that comes in a Kim Seybert gift box. The assorted napkins include: red wine, champagne, margarita, dirty martini, cosmopolitan, and mojito.

Tea for One

A simply charming single tea service. This chic three-piece stacking set is comprised of a flat bottom, 12 ounce tea pot that perches atop a cup with saucer. A lovely gift for anyone who is passionate about the art of the tea service.

Don’t forget the (Chocolate) Chips

How about bringing these Neiman Marcus chocolate coated potato crisps?  Your host will love these unique chocolates that are a tongue-tingling twist of sweet and savory tastes!  This is sure to be a popular choice this year!

Bring the champagne….candle!

Have you seen the Voluspa Candles?  We love them and know your host will too!  From the moment you illuminate one you will notice why these candles are made from the purest high grade ingredients. The fragrance comes through perfectly, lingering in the air even after the candle has been extinguished. And because of the high quality of the ingredients, the fragrances are pure, clean and refreshing. Once your host burns a Voluspa Candle, they may not want to burn anything else!

Carry Your Champagne In Style!

When traveling to Thanksgiving this year, you’ll be able to travel light yet still chill your bubbly in high-style!  We love this champagne bag!

Mani/Pedi Options

After your holiday get-together, your hostess will love the opportunity to treat herself to a mani/pedi!  We highly recommend OPI’s new James Bond collection and are big fans of the Chanel nail polishes!  Which are your favorites?

We’d love to know which of these you’d like to give (or receive) this holiday season!  Leave us a comment below!   And, if you need are hosting Thanksgiving this year, we’d love to help style your home for the holidays!  Contact us here: http://ow.ly/eFDsT

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