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Just because you’re on the run, doesn’t mean your make-up should be too. Ever pulled out you lipstick to freshen up your look on beautiful, hot sunny day only to discover that your makeup had once again melted in the heat?

Well, never again I say! Now you can relax poolside, at the beach or enjoy your summer travel without worry of your makeup turning to goo? Society, I give you “Cool-it-Caddy” A chic, insulated cosmetic bag that prevents makeup from melting!!!

Too COOL, right?!

Cool-it Caddy Classic Insulated Cosmetic Bag - Zebra

How is this possible? Well, I’ll tell you how. Cool-it Caddy is has a built in coolant comes equipped that’s designed to keep your make-up from melting and becoming goopy during your warm weather travels. It’s a cinch to use, simply pop it in the freezer to prep for travel. Once frozen, this chic clutch will keep your make-up cool for up to five hours.

With multiple chic styles to choose from, these convenient bags are the perfect summer accessory.  The Classic Cool comes in your choice of high style such as zebra (my fave, of course) and pink croc. They also have a mini  Ice-Pop that comes in an eye-catching array of bright colors. Cool styles are also available for the gents Cool-it Caddy Classic for Men is the perfect on-the-go accessory for men who travel, play sports and are out-and-about in high-temperature areas.

And starting at just under $25, there a total steal! Bottom line –  you can’t afford not to have one of these fashionable, high-quality, clutches in your arsenal for chic living.

Keep it Cool!

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Go for the Gold with this Tasty Cocktail! posted in: Events, Food and Beverage

If you’re hosting an Olympic Viewing Party, why not serve your guests tasty Go for the Gold Tea. Below is the recipe for this summer cocktail that is sure to be a big hit with your party guests:

Go for The Gold Tea


2 tablespoons pineapple juice

2 tablespoons lemon-lime carbonated beverage

1 tablespoon light rum

1 tablespoon tequila

1 tablespoon vodka

1 tablespoon gin

3 drops Original Tabasco® brand Pepper Sauce


Combine all ingredients and pour into a 12-ounce highball glass filled with ice; stir. If desired, garnish glass with a wedge of pineapple or lime. Serves 1.

We plan to try this at our own Olympic Viewing Party!  For more great Olympic Viewing Party Ideas, be sure to check out our blog posted recently as well as check out ideas we’ve been sharing on Facebook!

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It’s National Camera Day! posted in: Events, Society News

Today is National Camera Day!

Say "Cheese!"

Point & shoot. Repeat……repeatedly. Ever find yourself snap, snap, snapping away on the shutter in hopes to get the “perfect angle or expression”? The perfect picture to capture the moment – maybe it’s the candid shot of a reunion with family and friends, a fun evening out with friends, documenting a job well done, your weetot or furbaby simply being adorable (aren’t they always?), proof of a conquered fear, or making record of a milestone event. For all of the above, I’m thankful for camera that provides a way for us to capture life’s many special moments and help those moments to live on for years to come.

We love photos! In our business, they are paramount in our business to showcase work we’ve done, illustrate the vision for an event theme or design concept, document special works and people we have the good fortune to know and work with. In our personal lives we cherish these captured memories of special moments and milestone shared with family and friends.

(Tanja has shared a few personal moments us today – cooking with Dad, a summer family reunion, fun times with friends, a candid shot taken by Jen O’Sullivan of Tanja at work on her craft, her sweet pea – Jazz, the day her brother Indy graduated as a Marine in the U.S. military and a few recent event shots)

So get out there and take some pictures! We encourage you to grab a camera, whether it be a fancy schmancy DSLR or your cell phone and take a picture.

Tanja is celebrating the day enjoying a family gathering her Mom & Q are hosting  in honor our her youngest brother Indiana. The flash will definitely be going off at this event. We invite you to share what inspired you to take a pic today and post it on our fb page or leave below in a comment!

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Get a Load of Those Lashes! posted in: Fashion, Great Products

Do you notice anything in particular on the “eyes” of my car pictured below? My car has eye lashes…well, Carlashes!  If you’ve never heard of ‘Car Lashes’ until now, well consider yourself  “in the know”.

Flash those lashes!

Now your ride can be as darling as you are! CarLashes are a really fun and cute accessory – they are basically eye lash extensions for your headlights and can give your car personality. …or at least “extend” the personality of the driver. The flexible design of the accessories bend around the headlights and attach above the headlights with special automotive tape designed not to damage the paintwork when removed. If you’re feeling extra frisky, you can add ‘eyeliner’ – strips of rhinestones – to enhance the look.

Car Lashes

Some say they’re cute, others say flirty, I think they’re downright darling and fun!  But, lady drivers aren’t the only ones who get to have fun accessories for their vehicles.  For our male drivers out there, there’s something for you too….introducing….Carstaches!!

In case you are wondering where to find Car Lashes, click here!  And if you’re looking for Carstaches, you can visit here!  Happy Driving!

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Menu Suggestions for Your Olympic Viewing Party posted in: Food and Beverage

Hosting an Olympic Viewing Party?  You’ll want to be sure to serve a well known London staple, Fish ‘n Chips!  We LOVE this recipe and plan on trying this at our own Olympic Viewing Party:

Better Recipes Fish ‘n Chips


2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1-1/2 cups beer

2-1/2 – 3 pounds cod, cut into individual pieces about 3-by-5 inches

Oil for frying fish

Malt vinegar, available for guests to add to taste.

French Fries, prepared – for the “Chips”


1.  Heat about 2 inches of cooking oil in a skillet or pan, or electric skillet to 375 degrees.

2.  In a mixing bowl, stir together the flour, paprika, salt, and pepper.  Gradually stir in the beer and stir until smooth.  Dip fish pieces into the batter, drain briefly, then put into the hot fat, cooking only what will fit into the pan, not touching each other.  Cook for about 4 minutes, turning once, after each side is golden brown and crispy.  Remove with a slotted spoon and keep warm in the oven until all are cooked.

3.  Serve prepared fish with hot French fries and sprinkle with malt vinegar.  It’s fun to serve the British way, placed in a cone of newspaper.

Serves 4-6.

And because you’ll need something to sip on too, be sure to fix your guests a delicious cocktail, such as The Brambleberry!  For a great recipe on this low calorie cocktail, click here!

We’d love to know what you plan on serving at your Olympic Viewing Party!  Share with us in a comment below!

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Ideas for Hosting an Olympic Viewing Party! posted in: Entertainment, Events, Food and Beverage, How Tos

The heat is on, the torch has been passed and the streets of London are filling up – the 2012 Summer Olympics are officially here!  If you won’t be making the jaunt across the pond to London to view the games up close and personal, the next best thing is to host a party.  Inspired by the games, we’ve put together a viewing party worthy of a gold medal. 


To get started, you’ll want to send out invitations to your party.  Create invitations that have a traditional, non-location vibe such as the Olympic Rings, or opt for site specific stationery featuring one of London’s many touristy attractions!

There are some really festive, fun and practically done printables available online – enter your event specific deets, print and send. These printable invites feature popular host sites such as the London Towers, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. Click here to see our faves designed by Paper Perfection.

Need ideas for a cover greeting?  How about “Let the Games Begin”, “Join the Dream Team” or “You’re Invited to the Official Party of the 2012 Summer Olympics!”.  Get creative and have fun with it!

OK, let’s talk experience….



If you prefer hosting away from your home, sports bars and lounges offer a great atmosphere – particularly because they typically have several teles (what they call TVs across the pond) that will be broadcasting the Olympics. If you opt to host at home, consider the great outdoors!  If you have a swimming pool, that’s even better!  Consider hosting a pool party while watching the swim competitions. Either way, be sure to setup a tele or two outside. This way guests can enjoy the games…even while lounging on a float.

You’ll want to be sure to show your pride for Team U.S.A. (or your respective country) in official colours. Deck out your venue in red, white, and blue, of course! Hang a U.S. flag as a focal point in the space, affix colored hula hoops together to create the Olympic Rings, and setup a tiki torch to represent the Olympic Torch. You may also opt to represent all competing nations by displaying multiple country flags.  Another idea would be to purchase an international flag banner that you could use to accent the bar or food display.

Decoration Tip: Making your own Olympic Rings is easy.  Buy a red, yellow, green, blue, and black hoola hoop, lay the rings on the ground and arrange in the layout of the logo, tape them together using clear tape, display, and let the games begin!

Sports equipment fitting to the summer games is also great for décor.  However, the Olympics aren’t only about sports competitions. The games are also about celebrating different cultures, so keep this in mind when considering décor. Use the idea of celebrating other cultures by incorporate miniature flags from the different countries represented in the games. Another idea would be to create different centerpieces inspired by a various countries. For example, use Matryoshka Dolla (traditional nesting dolls) to represent Russia, a small branch tree with miniature Chinese paper lanterns for China or a USA flag soccer ball on a stand for team USA.

Since the Olympics are being held in London this year and most of us can’t make it across the pond to watch the games in person, consider bringing Londontown stateside! Deck your space out with large decals of the Tower of London, Big Ben, double-decker buses, and red telephone booths on your walls. Don’t forget to put out small pails of mini flags of various countries so guests can cheer for their favorite team!


Food and Drink

When many people think of eating in London, pub grub is the first thing that comes to mind – which translates perfectly for this type of event. Among the most popular item, Fish & Chips. Here’s a sample menu to consider for your Olympic Viewing Party:

Fish ‘n Chips

Hot Hounds (sausages/dogs – we like to serve up minis for easy eats)

Crispy Potato Skins
Hummus of Olympic Proportions with assorted crisps and crudités

Olympic Rings or lollipops

Gold Medal Cookies

Pair the menu with themed cocktails.  A few libations that we recommend: Go For The Gold and The Olympic. For drinks that give a nod to the English, try the London Cocktail, The BrambleBerry, or a tea cocktail. We also recommend offering apple cider, ale, stout…and even a grog if it suits your fancy. And of course stock bottled water and soft drinks (or sports drinks for a sports-appropriate twist). Another fun idea: Offer Flaming shots at a specific point in the evening (we recommend this only for events staffed with a professional bartender).  For a list of flaming shots recipes, click here.

What to wear:

There are several great options for party attire. You can encourage guests to dress to suit the particular event you will be watching, costumed as though they are competing, such as a swimsuit for swimming, or running shorts and sneakers for the running races (you get the idea).  You can ask guests to come as their favorite athlete, to wear team colors, etc. For an extra special Team USA touch, you yourself (the host) can even dress in the official Team USA opening ceremony uniform by Ralph Lauren available at Bloomingdales!


Once you’ve put together your look and taste of the Olympics, now you need the sound for the finishing touch. You can put together your own soundtrack, or better yet, use the official playlist for the Olympics’ opening ceremony leaked (although officials won’t confirm its accuracy), and your ready to go.

To view the unofficial official playlist, click  here!

You’re now ready to compete in the best summer party Olympics!  And stay tuned! We’ll be sharing some of our fave recipes that we will be serving at our own viewing party.

Go Team!

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