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Hi Friends! I’m on the road (well actually  in the air) on my way to an industry conference (stay tuned for news on the latest in the world of events). Do you know that today is National  Compliment Day?! Well, it is, which brings a few thoughts to my heart that I would like to share.

In general, most of us like to receive compliments – they make us feel encouraged, reassured, confident,  and joyful.  It ‘s all too easy to get caught up in ourselves–our schedule, our email, our facebook page, our text messages, etc . .,that we  lose sight of how easy and  meaningful it is to share the wonderful things we think of others and their works. I truly believe that giving sincere compliments about internal characteristics is a great way to strengthen our families, friendships, groups and our communities.

I ran across something one day which I found quite clever which I would like to share with you. Being that today is a national day of recognition, I feel it appropriate to ask you to join me (if you are so inclined)  in “Mission A-Compliment,” an “exercise” if you will, designed to spread a little love and give our families, friends and colleagues self-image a boost. It’s simple:

Step 1: Pause for a moment to take notice of what others are doing well and let them know how you feel.

I was taught to say what you mean and mean what you say….and whole-heartedly  believe this to be of great importance. I may give a lot of compliments, but I speak what I feel. If I don’t truthfully feel/think it – I won’t extend it. Be sincere (and don’t allow yourself t feel threatened by what you find to be complimentary in another). Which brings me to another subject that has been on my mind (this could be a whole post in itself…)  – how some women regard and treat other women. I so often see and have personally experienced women relating to other women as being in “competition” with them rather than befriending them and celebrating one another. Each of us are unique, with various gifts and qualities – why not learn and grow from the best in each person we know and lift up one another?

When someone excels at something, or boldly steps out to sing a solo, create art, start a business  or blog, etc. ,  genuine, kind compliments and positive feedback can mean the world to them. I read recently that when our society doesn’t place value on individual talents and accomplishments that members of the society begin to conform to what the mainstream and popular opinion says we “should” be rather than to continue to develop one’s true authentic self.

We have the power to make someone else’s day, and there are lots of people out there doing fabulous work.  I bet they’d like to feel appreciated, so I encourage you to take your thoughts a step further and share a kind word with the persons who’s work or traits you admire.  There is  power in complimenting on things that really matter, for example, “I appreciate how you are always so happy.”  or “You have such a great way of making others feel comfortable around you.”  or “You are so good at prioritizing your life.  I can see that you put your family at the top of your list. I admire you and aspire to live my life in the same way.” This kind of complimenting emphasizes that the point isn’t to “fit in” or “be like everyone else.”  The point is to emphasize your unique qualities.  Our friends need this.  Our family needs this. We need this. A simple email, a handwritten note, or thoughtful words spoken to someone directly in their eyes truly takes little effort or time, but the impact and ripple-effect is substantial.

Because I run a blog and social media pages for business, I also read a lot of other people’s pages, and I comment as often as possible. The more we comment and compliment others on –innovation, discipline, cheerfulness, inner strength, kindness, etc., the more we encourage others to develop those traits.

In closing I would love to know What kinds of compliments you think are the best to receive? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Now I’m off to give someone a compliment!

Wishing you all a lovely day!


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  • Nicole Matthews: You are beautiful, smart and a rock star business woman!! It's always great to compliment those that make your day brighter!! Great post!!
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Ice, Ice Baby! posted in: Entertaining Essentials, Entertainment, Events, Food and Beverage, Great Products

Ice, Ice Baby! Too Cool.

Alright STOP, collarborate and listen, Tanja’s back…sharing a brand new invention!

Stir up some fun with Ice Kabobs. Basically it’s…. you guessed it – ice on a stick. These kabobs  keep your drink cold and lookin’ coolwithout having ice get in the way when take a drink, AND the extended ice cubes double as swizzle sticks! And as an event planner, I love multi-purpose products…. especially ones that take a common item and give it a fresh, fun presentation

The package says “everything’s more fun on a stick”, and we do agree that ice on a stick for your drinks  is pretty fun. You can make your standard issue ice, or have fun and infuse it with flavor. The mold can also be used to create fun ice pops the kids that are sure to get rave reviews from the kiddos.

Each food-grade silicone rubber tray makes three skewers. Each tray makes 3 kabobs. Typically cost about  $7, but you can currently get them for a steal – $3 at ShockingFun.

Wanna roll down memory A1A with Vanilla, here you go: Ice, Ice Baby!


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