One week from today is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just eager to check out the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to host a party. We have you covered with fun party ideas. What you’ll need:

A Super bowl Party has a built-in theme. Just keep it simple and make it fun.

*Invites: Be creative. Write (a sharpie will do the trick) the party details on inflatable footballs and send to guests. Invitees inflate the football for the game day party run-down.

*Dress the buffet. Cover the tabletop with indoor/outdoor carpet (you can also use a green linen) and present eats in creative serving pieces. Think tortilla chips in a football helmet, wings on a football shaped platter, etc. Accent with a floral centerpiece designed in a toy megaphone and sprinkle some pompoms about the display.

*Asking guests to dress in team colors is a great way to add to the party vibe and is sure to ignite a competitive spirit!

*Noise makers: There are many options available at your local party supply store, but I find that a handful of passionate fans more than does the trick.

*Be sure that all TVs are on and tuned into the game

*Use disposable plates and cups for this occasion for easy cleanup. You can order official Super Bowl XLV supplies from  —– or use a combination of theme colors items purchased from your local party store.

Go with what everyone craves at this type of party.

*Serve up a healthy portion of wings – kick it up a notch by serving a few varieties such as regular, southwest and Thai offered with a variety of dipping sauces. Assorted pizzas, chili, and tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole area also popular game day faves.

*To enhance the festivity and show off your party prowess, include food from the teams’ home cities. For Packers fans, add brats and a fresh cheese board (using Wisconsin cheeses) or a beer-cheese fondue to the menu. For Steelers fans, French fries with a variety of self-serve spice enhancements offered with Heinz ketchup of course.

*For something sweet, theme cupcakes add a festive touch. Serve basic chocolate and white cupcakes with creative décor accents – Green icing with an edible football (aka: chocolate covered almond). You can again give a shout out to Pittsburgh fans, by adding two sweets that got their start in Pittsburgh – the Clark Candy Bar and Klondike Ice Cream.

You can recover from most any party sin as long as the drinks are flowing.

What should you have on “tap”? Well it goes without saying that beer shoudl be included in your bev menu (Yuengling’s made in PA).Offer a theme cocktail (leaded and/or non-alcoholic) such as the First and Ten which can be pre-made in advance. Be sure to stock up on soft drinks and water as well.

Wanna bet?

Wanna put a little skin in the game? Place a friendly wager on your team to take home the trophy. Add more fun contests such as a point spread and over/under. During halftime play Super bowl trivia. Prizes can of course be moo-la, but you can also be creative and have a jersey, movie tickets, etc as prizes too.

As long as there is plenty of food, drink and fun, your party is sure to be a hit!