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Figure flattering fashions just got better. Spanx has introduced a new line perfect for warm weather months. Society, I give you “skinny britches– the answer to smoothing our silhouettes when the temperatures are high.

Spanx Skinny Britches - ultra-sheer, lightweight shapers!

Skinny Britches are ultra-light, sheer shapers that can be layered, now allowing you to control the amount of support you need! Yes, you read it right. These pretty little shapers (available in a hipster brief and a short) will compress, firm, and flatten as little or as much as you like. The ladies at Spanx say: “Wear one to slim, two to shape, add a third to transform!”

What’s more is that these fabulous foundations come in 11, yes 11 beautiful colors! Talk about beauty undercover – with beautiful hues ranging from soft tones such as pure and water jade to regal grape and bold spanx red, you can have all kinds of fun creating your own custom color palettes for your foundations.

Donning a pair, or two or three of Spanx skinny britches flatters everyone regardless of body type, age, height or weight.

So shape up society! and orders yours today at Spanx online or one of their fine retailers.

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On Solid Ground posted in: Events, Fashion, Great Products, Weddings

At last, the “sole-ution” (cheesy pun totally intended) to wearing high heels outdoors to weddings, receptions, polo matches and shopping malls. No more tip-toeing in grass, or teetering about on cobblestone paths, brick streets or other tricky or uneven surfaces. Ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about – we’ve all been there.  Braving these surfaces in stilettos while trying to maintain a composed, elegant posture and refrain from injury can be quite a menacing experience. Well, that is at least until now…

Society, I give you the SoleMates High Heeler

A discreet little attachment that promises to prevent most stiletto and kitten heels from sinking in grass or slipping into sidewalk cracks! (Cue choir of angels) Hallelujah!

It slips over the end of your heel increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, thus it is not as likely to fall into cracks and breaks in cobblestone and concrete. The increased size of the base also reduces the pressure on this area which helps prevent heels from sinking into soft ground. And beyond this, they serve as a protector by keeping heels clean and preventing damage which means they can actually help to extend the life of your favorite shoes! High Heelers come in clear and black, and at only $10/pair – they’re a total steal! 

You can order yours now by clicking here.

 BONUS for Brides!
The company is offering a special online promotion to you that you may share with not only your bridal party (include a pair of High Heelers in your gift to your bridesmaids – they’ll love it!), but with all guests. The High Heelers are a totally cool item to include on your wedding webpage. Your guests will be thrilled to learn about this cool product and they’ll get a special deal! Click here to learn more!

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A Star Spangeled Grand Opening Celebration….Let the Games Begin! posted in: Entertainment, Events, Society News

The Greenbrier has been a gracious host to presidents, celebrities and luxury travelers from around the world since 1778, and Friday night was no exception – it was all glitz and glam for this spectacular. The Greenbrier Casino Club Open Event was one amazing evening! Celebrities, pro athletes and friends of The Greenbrier from all over the country (including yours truly) came out to celebrate the unveiling of the casino and to enjoy the amenities of this renowned resort in a most elegant atmosphere.

Celebrity and WV native Jennifer Garner on the red carpet. Photo courtesy of Chris Dorst.

Some of the biggest names from the entertainment and sports worlds turned out for the event- the radiant Jennifer Garner was full of pride for her home state, Ben Affleck, the ever elegant and beautiful Brooke Shields and Jane Seymour, Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus, and the stunning Raquel Welch to name a few. 

The evening began with a red carpet event. Celebrities arrived by vintage cars and walked a custom red carpet (complete with the elegant “G” logo) where they were welcomed by adoring fans and paparazzi. Once all celebrity guests were announced, everyone was seated and served an exquisite five-star gourmet dinner complete with a touch of Appalachian flair. After dinner, we were ushered into Colonial Hall to enjoy generously flowing cocktails and an intimate performance by special guest star Lionel Richie (personal top highlight!!), and he did not disappoint. Lionel gave a fabulous and energetic hour-long performance of hit songs, including “Lady”, “You Are”, “Running with the Night” and “Ballerina Girl”. It was almost surreal to dance to the beautiful live music just feet from this great performer. And though I could have easily been found “Dancing on the Ceiling” “All Night Long”, the party did not end here.  At the close of the concert, Greenbrier Trumpeteers cued Michael Buffer to the stage to announce (in his iconic booming voice) “Let’s get ready to gamble“. And just like that, everyone descended to the Casino Club for the unveiling.

 As Jim Justice (the evening’s host and owner of The Greenbrier) described it, The Casino Club is a combination of  Monte Carlo and “Gone With The Wind”. It was evident that we were in the South –sweeping staircases, floral drapes and carpet, color EVERYWHERE and sticky sweet southern hospitality. Cocktail waitresses dressed in the fashion of Scarlett O’Hara welcomed us with champagne and a smile as we entered the gaming area. To further add to the ambiance, a performance of The Greenbrier Waltz took place at the stroke of 10 p.m. Three couples twirled atop the casino staircase to the sound of the original composition written especially for the hotel.

A few personal highlight’s of the evening:
~Lionel Richie in concert of course!
~My husband and I enjoyed a delightful conversation with Cowboys tight-end John Phillips (the husband is a lifelong Cowboys fan) as we wandered through the casino.
~Although I am fully aware of Shaquille O’Neal’s grand stature, I found that I was still taken when I said “hello” upon turning to finding all 7’1” of the sports star standing next to me at one point in the evening. 
~At the request of, Jim Justice, guests joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to Jessica Simpson (who will celebrate her 30th on July 10).
~Enjoying the fine companyof friends during a historical moment in time

As a planner and designer, I not only take in an event experience as a whole, but also examine each individual element’s impact on the overall success of any celebration . This particular event and atmosphere provided a most elegant and memorable experience that will not soon be forgotten. I share the sentiment of fellow WV girl Jennifer Garner when she said The Greenbrier is a “very important reminder that we are one of the top travel destinations in the country and we have everything to offer. I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places in this country of ours, but I haven’t been to anything as glamorous or as elegant as this…I feel like I’m going to bust with pride that my home state has something this beautiful to offer”.         

I look forward to the opportunity to work with clients to design unqiue event experiences in this magnificent venue.  If you are planning for a wedding or other special event and The Greenbrier experience is what you envision, let’s be in touch to begin designing a unique celebration that will rival the most enchanting of events.

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