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super bowl 2010, super bowl party, super bowl foodIf you are to be the host for an upcoming super bowl party, here are some festive party plays that are sure to score you some points with your guests, and won’t break the bank:

Tackling the menu

Buffets are great for Super bowl. Offer a casual service, allow guests to nosh at their own pace on their game day favs. The planner in me LOVES a fabulous and festive tablescape (more about this in a minute) to showcase your eats. The idea is that no matter how casual or upscale the buffet, make it easy for you (yes you, it is never a good thing to have a frazzled hostess greeting guests), and your guests to serve and enjoy.

A few of my game day faves:

*Crisps, chips and dips always score major points and have the widest fan base
Fresh, raw veggies (carrots, celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes are great options and provide a variety of color) and assorted chips. Pita, tortilla and two varieties of kettle brand chips (like sea salt & vinegar and original) are my go-tos Serve with hummus and ranch dip. I like to offer one basic hummus and one specialty, roasted red peppers is a great one to try. 
Rather than bowls serve the dips in hollowed-out bell peppers for added flair.

*Chili or tortilla soup
Crock pots are not the most attractive of serving pieces, so wrap yours up in team color fabric, or even a boa (if you use a boa, try a black and gold one if you are a saints fan)

*Beef tenderloin on mini rolls with horseradish is a great option. Arrange in an abundant display on a festive platter.

*Assorted specialty pizzas (offer two at a time, and feel free to change up the selections throughout the event)

*Potato wedges, with jalapeno cheese dip. I can eat potatoes anyway you want to prepare them, but wedges with this dip is delish! Arrange the wedges on a football shaped platter. Serve the dip in a potato skin placed in the center of the platter.

* Sundae Night Football! 
For a fun and interactive way to give guests what they want, setup a make you’re a perfect time to serve is during half time. Display two- three ice cream flavor choices complete with toppings of nut pieces, assorted sprinkles, cherries and of course whipped cream!

*Beverage: Soft drinks, water, bottled beer and maybe even a little wine will round out the menu nicely.

Important party tip:
Label the food on your buffet. Guests will really appreciate knowing what they are eating. Small photograph stands make great label displays. If you do not any have available, simply folded tent cards cut out of a brown paper bag (bonus if they are shaped like footballs) are also a great option.

Now for the part I really LOVE! The tablescape
Whether you will be serving gourmet selections, or if you prefer a more casual menu, be creative with the display of your food. The buffet is a perfect place to express a competitive festive atmosphere, design your own buffet spectacular using a few of these fun ideas:

*Green linen or better yet a few squares of sod make a great table foundation.
*Next, drape your team’s jersey (or both if you will be entertaining s house divided) over the table. Let the majority of the jersey(s) hang off the front of the table for maximum impact. Not to worry, serving pieces will hold the jerseys(s) in place.
*Create a festive centerpiece with florals in team colors, or use helmets and footballs.

*After you artfully arrange your food on the table, accent the display with flags, mini-footballs, and pom-poms.


Society, we love hearing from you. Email photos and tell us all about your smashingly successful fete!

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Music’s Biggest Night! posted in: Entertainment, Events, Food and Beverage

The 52nd Annual Grammy’s will be telecast Sunday, January 31st on CBS. For a glam night-in, invite friends over for a fun Grammy Awards Party.

To create a festive atmosphere, request guests dress as their ” favorite performer or musician ”

Roll out the red carpet at your entranceway and take digital pics of your guests as they arrive.

Black & gold balloons, giant gold stars, Award Trophy Statuettes, and life-size celebrity stand-ups of music’s biggest stars and legends will create a very festive atmosphere.

Serve cocktails and hors d’oeuvres during the Pre-Show while watching celebrity interviews and checking out the latest red-carpet fashions. It can also be fun to pass out Grammy ballots and have your guests cast their votes prior to the start of the awards ceremony.

For a celebrity-worthy menu, try these hors d’oeuvres:

  • Caviar mousse, toast rounds
  • Lobster bisque shots
  • Assorted cheeses with crostini
  • fresh veggies with assorted dips
  • Cheese stuffed mushroom caps
  • Spring Rolls

Serve along with a few festive cocktails such as Cosmos, rock candy martinis and for an extra cool libation offer cognac in an old-fashioned on festive rocks (using ice molds such as guitars or music notes.

For the main event, it’s simple; gather around the big screen. A home theater system is a plus. And if you’re really into it, tune all TV’s in the guest areas to the show, so its all around (but be sure to keep the volume low or muted so the telecasts don’t interfere with each other – sometimes one feed will be a bit ahead or behind the other, and that can be annoying)

Remembering the ballots that were cast and collected during cocktails, you can take commercial breaks as an opportunity to pass out fun prizes to guests that cast a correct vote. Prizes need not be expensive $5 itunes gift cards, pop rocks candy, etc. You can also think about awarding a Grand Prize of a current hit list CD to the person that gets the most categories right.

Everyone loves Swag, so as guests say goodnight, send them off with their very own swag bag. Be creative with your gifts. Rock candy, lipgloss, OPI minis from the current collection or check a boutique that carries the line to see if they can place a special order for fun colors like “It’s a rap”, “All Shook up”, or “Love me Tender”. Include a little note that reads “You rocked the (insert name) 2010 Grammy Party!”

At the conclusion of the evening, you’ll be sure to shor-in for the Rock Star Hostess of the year Award!

Party on!

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Tapped out posted in: Fashion, Great Products

OK, when it’s illegally cold out, all business and responsibilities should just “hold up” in my opinion. Alas, life must go on. But, how can it when your lifeline of technology is impeded by gloved fingers? Suddenly you are faced with choosing falling off of the face of cyber world (no text! no twitter! no, gasp, Facebook!) or exposing yourself to burning numbness, or even frostbite…no one should have to make these kinds of choices. Well, now thanks to technology, you no longer have to. Allow me to introduce you to Dots.

Lyric ScarfThey’re gloves (obviously), with small metal dots built into the end of the first three fingers. They’re also screen friendly and promise not to scratch your device. They are the answer to keeping you connected while your hands cozy when winter storms strike.

While your friends are fumbling with mitten-hands, you’ll be taking care of things in these tech-efficient gloves. And at only $10 a pop, they’re a steal! To get equipped, click here.

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Welcome to The Society! posted in: Society News

As a designer, event planner, entrepreneur, fashion addict, music maniac, and true lover of a good time, I am always keeping an eye out for what’s new and fresh, hot and now. So, it is with great enthusiasm that I bring you the literal manifestation of my passions – The Society Page.

Tanja Daniels-Woods

This will be the place where I, along with Wedding Company staff, friends, and special guest bloggers, will keep you informed of the latest trends in weddings and special events, and life. We’ll share entertaining how-to’s, talk about what’s now in décor, weigh-in on the latest in fashion, and share our thoughts about what’s in and what’s out. And, since we love to eat and because food and beverage is such an important part of any event, we’ll review dishes that we sample, and share some of our favorite recipes that you can try at home. We’re also health and beauty junkies, so we’ll share fitness and style secrets from the people who know best – giving you their go-to glam products. Because home has to be a refuge, we’ll keep an eye out for great new products to keep your home a tranquil escape. In addition, we will help you stay in tune with the latest eco-friendly products that improve the lives of your families, furbabies, homes and planet. Finally, though we do enjoy being home, we really like to travel for fun and inspiration and will share our reviews from our jaunts out and about.

So, the short version is that we’re here to make your life better. We will bring you the latest, greatest and best so you don’t have to go scouring the world over. Who has time? Well, we do, but that’s our job, so consider us your must-have blog!

We invite you to become a member of the society! Please bookmark our site and visit often. Also, we’d love to hear from you, so please respond with your thoughts, and feel free to email myself or any of our bloggers about the interesting things you find or make suggestions about any topics that you would like for us to cover.

We welcome you to stop in for a quick cup of coffee before you start your day, sit with us a bit at lunchtime, drop by during a break, or visit for a while in the evening, so kick off your shoes, have a drink and stay a while.


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  • Tyrie: Looks great! So glad to see everything up and running smoothly. I hope this brings you much success.
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